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Mouse Control 

Are you worried about mice scurrying around your home and embarrassing you in front of houseguests? If so, call Arete Pest Control. We have years of experience exterminating mice. Arete Pest Control technicians are certified and trained professionals who provide high-quality mouse control for homes and businesses. We use the best quality extermination products, including bait and traps. Our technicians also seal off holes in your home to prevent mice from entering. This allows us to offer a money-back guarantee on some of our services. Tell us your concerns and we will find a solution.

Arete Pest Control serves multiple cities around metro Atlanta. For mouse control services in the Atlanta area, call us at 770-954-8770 or click here to contact us. When you purchase a plan from Arete, we will inspect your home and create a mouse control plan.

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    Do You Need Mouse Control?

    It’s best to treat your mouse problem as quickly as possible. Mice reproduce fast, which makes them difficult to control. They can also enter homes vents and holes as small as a quarter. They get into kitchen pantries and other food storage areas and contaminate food. They can also chew holes in wood and cause minor property damage. In some cases, mice will chew electrical wiring and create a fire hazard.

    Some homeowners try to eliminate these pests on their own. However, if you don’t know where to look for entry points, you may miss tiny holes that mice are using to access your structure. You can use mouse poison or mouse traps to kill mice, but these products can also harm humans and pests. It’s best to call an expert. Our technicians at Arete Pest Control are trained to look for signs of rodents on your property. We can also find holes through which rodents have entered and seal off those holes. We will handle the dirty work for you and give you peace of mind.

    Mouse Control Services

    Mice are especially difficult to control because they move easily through small spaces. Their habits and their adaptability also make them difficult to exterminate. However, at Arete we use only the most effective techniques and products to exterminate mice. The most common mouse control services we provide are listed below.

    1. Traps and Baits
    2. Spot Treatment
    3. Mouse Exclusion Services
    4. Interior Crack and Crevice Treatment
    5. Extended Perimeter Prevention
    Mouse Control Services

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