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    Pest Control in Norcross, GA

    In the beloved city of Norcross, one of the most common pests homeowners deal with are cockroaches. There are many different types of roaches – but these two are the most notorious in Georgia: The American Cockroach & The German Cockroach.

    Why Choose Arête Pest Control

    American Cockroach Control in Norcross, GA

    With years of experience backing our skills and treatment methods, Arete can provide specialized, lasting solutions for any and all pest problems. If you’re in need of an exterminator in the Roswell, GA area or are looking for a reliable pest control company to complete regular treatments for a pest-free home, contact the experts at Arête Pest Control at (770) 954-8770.

    American Cockroaches are 1.5-2 inches long and mainly live outdoors in trees and cool, dark areas.

    German Cockroaches are half-an-inch in size and a pale brown color. They feast and breed quickly & can be more difficult to get rid of. Many companies charge extra to treat for these kind of roaches – but with Arete Pest Control, treatment is included in your service plan.

    German Cockroach Control in Norcross, GA

    Service Guarantee

    When you sign up for a quarterly pest control plan with Arête, not only are you getting personalized treatment every quarter, but also a guarantee that if you are still seeing bugs between services, our technicians will come out and treat your home again for free.