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Are you worried about an ant infestation in your yard? Just call the professionals at Arete Pest Control. We are proud to offer you the best ant control in the Greater Atlanta, GA Area. Our high-quality products make treating ant infestations easy, and we also offer a 100% guarantee on all of our treatments—so if by chance you don’t see a decrease in ants after two weeks, we’ll come treat again.

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    Arete Ant Infestation in Georgia and Utah

    Trained Professionals At Arete Pest Control Will Help You Get Rid Of Ants

    Time to Get Rid of the Ants

    As trained professionals in pest control, our team at Arete Pest Control knows exactly what to do in order to get rid of the ants that are taking over your home and yard. Once we arrive at the location, we are able to assess and identify your ant situation and can then proceed with proper ant control strategies. Whether you need perimeter granules, seals, or spot treating, we’ve got you covered.

    Signs That Point to Ant Infestation

    The Most Common Signs Of Ant Problem

    Signs That Point to Ant Infestation

    The most obvious sign you have an ant problem is when you actually see the infestation. You may also notice ant trails, mounds of dirt in your yard, and even piles of wood shavings around your home. If you see ants entering or exiting vents, or hear a soft rustling inside your walls, that is another sign of an ant infestation in your home.

    Arete Pest Control provides comprehensive ant control services to a number of surrounding communities outside of Atlanta, GA. If you are ready to get rid of the ants on your property, just call our pest control professionals today at 770-954-8770 to schedule a quick inspection of your home and yard, or click here to contact us online.

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