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Ants are the tiny yet most irritating and dangerous pet type. In case of an invasion at your home, in the kitchen, or in the yard outside, call Arete Pest Control in Georgia and get rid of the tiny creepy pest. Arete pest control claims to provide guaranteed ant removal services and will control the propagation of ants around your home. Are you looking for the best Georgia Ant control service provider so call Arete Pest Control experts today to get the best services!

Our technician understands how important it is to carry out the elimination process carefully because if it goes incorrectly, it can cause the colony to split into two, which will make the situation even worse. We also ensure to treat the exterior for the ants to stop them before they reach there. If you want to get the best ant control services, call Arete pest control and get rid of the tiny ants.

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    Georgia Ant Removal Made Simple

    Our experts are highly skilled and trained to meticulously carry out the entire ant elimination process to ensure they do not return in the future.

    We employ a two-step process that includes an inspection of your entire home as well as treatment to remove ants from your living areas. To ensure that your family is protected and ants do not harm you, your children, or your pets, we use non-repellent products for treatment.

    We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our services because our bait treatments are so effective.

    Contact us right away if you have an ant infestation and want to reclaim your living space!

    Georgia Ant Removal Made Simple
    Eliminating Ants

    Eliminating Ants

    Arete Pest Control has a team of expert professionals who design the best ant control treatment plan to generate guaranteed results. We eliminate the ants by treating them with non-repellent products. We not only use a high-quality product for ant removal, but we also implement great strategies like bait treatments so t0 ensure the complete elimination of ants from your house.

    Dependable Exterminators for Your Ant Infestation Problems

    Ants are generally harmless and pose no significant threat to human health. Nonetheless, they have the ability to infiltrate your kitchen cabinets and food storage containers, contaminating the food you have stored.

    Furthermore, if you don’t notice them right away, ants can contaminate your food, posing a health risk if consumed.

    Ants are drawn to sweets like candy or fruit juice, proteins like meat or milk, and carbohydrates like crackers, cooked rice, or pasta.

    Fire ants are common in Lawrenceville and can sting us, causing excruciating pain. As a result, fire ants are potentially dangerous, and they must be eradicated as soon as possible.

    They may also harm your electrical equipment and wires. So, to protect your health and property, you must contact reputable exterminators.

    Dependable Exterminators for Your Ant Infestation Problems
    Guaranteed Ant Control Georgia

    Guaranteed Ant Control Georgia

    We offer guaranteed ant control services. Our expert professionals and technicians are trained enough to ensure the proper use of high-quality products that bring satisfactory results. All the products we use for ant removal treatment are kids and pet-friendly so to assure your safety.

    Arete Pest Control keeps our customer’s safety as our top priority. With high quality and guaranteed services, we achieve customer satisfaction at all levels. If the tiny ants invade your area again in the future, feel free to call us, and we will reach out and resolve the issues at our earliest.

    Type of Ants in Georgia

    Do you know that ants are of different types? Each type is different from the other, and hence you have to adopt a different strategy to treat different types of ants. We understand the delicacy of the matter. When you call us for ant removal services, our experts first investigate the overall situation and the ant type. Then we design the best ant control treatment plan for your location to ensure guaranteed ant removal.

    1. Carpenter ants. You can call them the wood ants as they are attracted more towards the wood. They could invade the yard, and they can also attack the furniture in your home. We use odorless, non-staining, and effective formulations that ensure guaranteed results to eliminate them.
    2. Ghost ants. Ghost ants have translucent legs and dark heads. They are the carrier of bacteria and bring many infections with them. If you observe such ants in your house, call the best Georgia ant control service providers today to get rid of them.
    3. Odorous house ants. The second name for the odorous house ants is the sugar ants. As per their name, it is clear that they are attracted to sugary food items. These ants contaminate the food and leave a distinctive odor when crushed. If such ants have invaded your house, do not delay and call us today to get the ant removal treatment done.
    4. Pharaoh ants. Pharaoh ants are yellowish or light brown in color. These types of ants are more commonly seen in hospitals. Due to the sensitivity of the location, we ensure to use high-quality products that are kids and pet-friendly and ensure guaranteed results.
    5. Fire ants. Fire ants are the most dangerous one of all the types. They affect the children and pets the most by stinging several infections and allergies. To eliminate this harmful type of ants, we use gel-type products that are odorless but highly effective in removing the ants.
    Ants Extermination 

    Ants Extermination 

    Arete Pest Control employs a team of expert professionals who collaborate to develop the most effective ant control treatment plan for guaranteed results. We use non-repellent products to get rid of ants.

    We not only use high-quality ant removal products, but we also employ excellent strategies such as bait treatments to ensure complete ant removal from your home or business.

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    Arete pest control provides the best pest control services in Georgia. Our team of expert professionals and highly trained technicians make a great combo at work.

    We implement the latest methodologies with high-quality products to carry out the best pest control treatment procedures so that they can bring guaranteed results. Call us today and get rid of pest invasion from your location.