Georgia Cockroach Control

Arete is a high-quality cockroach exterminator serving residents of Georgia. Cockroaches cause many problems for our customers, and we take pride in eliminating them. Cockroaches pose a health hazard to humans. They carry viruses and bacterial illnesses. Cockroaches are associated with poor sanitation and poor living conditions. They are tough to kill because they have evolved and become very resilient. You can use chemical sprays to exterminate cockroaches, but you must apply the chemicals according to the product labels. When you hire Arete Pest Control, we will use our expert knowledge of cockroaches to locate them in places where they generally hide. We have a specialized cockroach control spray that we will use to get rid of these pests for you.

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    Signs of Cockroaches

    The signs of cockroaches are quite noticeable. Cockroaches leave behind tiny pellets or small, black dots, and these are the bugs’ feces. If you have cockroaches, you’ll see them crawling around your home, or you’ll notice their carcasses in the home. You may also see a flying cockroach or notice the bugs have shed their skins around your house. Some cockroach species give off a strong, musty odor. Cockroaches prefer dark, damp places, but they will also invade other areas for food. The adult cockroach can grow to more than three inches in length, and a baby cockroach usually measures less than a centimeter in length.

    Signs of Cockroaches
    Cockroach Control Service in Georgia

    Cockroach Control Service in Georgia

    If you need help with cockroach control in Georgia, call us at Arete. Cockroaches carry both bacteria and viruses that can infect people. Some of the common bacterial infections and diseases caused by cockroaches are listed below.

    • Gastroenteritis
    • Cholera
    • Salmonellosis
    • Staph infections
    • Typhoid Fever
    • Dysentery

    We know that different bugs require different extermination products. We will treat your Georgia residence for cockroaches using our professional cockroach spray. We handle everything from a German cockroach to an American cockroach to a baby cockroach. Our technician will answer your questions and help you understand our extermination process. Call Arete to order our cockroach control plan.

    Advantages of Professional Services vs. DIY

    It’s best to hire a licensed exterminator for cockroach treatment. Arete is a licensed company certified to handle cockroach control in Georgia. At Arete Pest Control, we know which chemicals work best. Our technicians use a specialized cockroach spray, and they are trained to apply these chemicals in both homes and businesses. We can even spray tiny crevices and cracks. Some homeowners treat a cockroach extermination on their own, but the bugs are difficult to exterminate. When you hire us, you are hiring a knowledgeable company with years of experience. Our technician will also return to your Georgia residence as needed to re-spray the property.

    Advantages of Professional Services vs. DIY

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    Mosquito Control in Georgia
    Mosquito Control in Georgia

    Mosquitoes are dreaded pests for a number of reasons. They leave annoying, itchy bites on your skin. Mosquitoes also carry diseases like malaria. If you spend a lot of time outdoors in Georgia, you will undoubtedly notice mosquitoes in the area, especially if you’re near water or weeds. Mosquitoes prefer to lay their eggs near water, so keep water from pooling up around your property. Keep your rain gutters clean so that water doesn’t pool up around your structure. If you have a swimming pool or rain barrels, keep them covered up when they aren’t in use. Arete Pest Control is a certified mosquito exterminator handling homes and businesses in Georgia. We will eliminate these pests and help you get back to enjoying your leisure time at Stone Mountain Park or in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest.


    Wasp Control in Georgia
    Wasp Control in Georgia

    Our Georgia customers depend on Arete Pest Control for wasp control. Wasp stings are painful, and they can cause itchy swelling on your skin. While the stings aren’t usually dangerous to humans, some people do have allergic reactions. To exterminate wasps, you can spray the nest with chemicals. However, you have to get fairly close to apply the chemicals. This can cause the wasps to swarm and sting you. It’s best to call a licensed wasp exterminator. At Arete, we use special equipment to reach wasps located in trees or doorways. We also have a specialized wasp spray. Call Arete Pest Control. We will handle your wasp problem.