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Cockroach Control Alpharetta, GA

Arete Pest Control provides the best cockroach control for residents in Alpharetta, GA. Arete technicians are prompt, efficient, and certified. Cockroaches are associated with filth and poor sanitation, so obviously Alpharetta homeowners want to get rid of them. However, a roach infestation is hard to handle on your own. The bugs have evolved so well that many products are ineffective against cockroaches. Retail sprays and other chemicals can also be harmful to humans and pets, especially when they aren’t used properly. It’s best to call a professional exterminator. If you have a roach infestation, call Arete. We will use our specialized spray to exterminate your cockroaches.

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    Signs of Cockroaches

    It’s easy to spot signs of cockroaches. These bugs leave feces in the form of tiny pellets or specks around your home. They also shed their wings around your home. Certain species of roaches give off a musty, pungent odor. Cockroaches like dark, moist places, but they also invade other areas for food. The most obvious indication of an infestation is cockroaches crawling around your home, and you might also see a flying cockroach. Mature cockroaches, depending on the species, can measure from ½ inch to more than three inches long. A baby cockroach is smaller, and it often measures less than a centimeter in length.

    Signs of Cockroaches
    Cockroach Control Service in Alpharetta, Georgia

    Cockroach Control Service in Alpharetta, Georgia

    Arete handles cockroach control for homeowners in Alpharetta. Cockroaches carry harmful bacteria and viruses, and when roaches come in contact with your food, they can infect the food. Some common bacteria and diseases caused by cockroaches are as follows:

    • Cholera
    • E. Coli
    • Typhoid Fever
    • Staph infections
    • Dysentery

    If you see cockroaches around your home, call an extermination company. At Arete, we have years of experience exterminating cockroaches, and we also have professional-grade cockroach spray. We can handle everything from a German cockroach to baby cockroach to an American cockroach. Call us today.

    Advantages of Professional Services vs. DIY

    If you have a cockroach infestation, it’s best to call a licensed extermination company instead of handling the problem yourself. Arete will answer your questions about how to control cockroaches at home, and we will exterminate them for you. We also have experience using our professional-grade products, and our technicians are certified. We will return to your property to spray for the bugs as needed. We can treat areas of your home that may be difficult for you to access, such as cracks and crevices and tight crawl spaces.

    Advantages of Professional Services vs. DIY

    Frequently Asked Questions About Cockroaches

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    Wasps are mostly outdoor pests, though they will sometimes nest in doorways or indoor spaces, too. They ruin backyard activities by buzzing around and stinging you and your guests. Some people are allergic to wasp stings. You can attempt to handle wasps on your own. Retail sprays are often effective. However, some homeowners are afraid to get too close to a wasp’s nest, and with good reason. Wasps can swarm and attack you if you get too close their nests. The stings feel like tiny needles, and they will leave painful, itchy welts on your skin. It’s best to call a professional extermination company for help. At Arete, we have the proper equipment to treat your wasp problem. Leave the hard work to us. Enjoy your yard activities and your time at Alpharetta City Park and Wills Park.


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    Alpharetta homeowners frequently request our services for rats. These pests are difficult for homeowners to handle on their own because they can hide in small spaces and they multiply quickly. To prevent rats from entering your home, practice good housekeeping and proper sanitation. Clean up food and drink spills so that you don’t entice rats. Vacuum and sweep your floors regularly. However, ven if you clean up after yourself, you might see rats in your home, especially during cold weather months. When you hire Arete for rat control, our technician will locate holes in your home and patch them for you to keep rats out. We use bait to trap rats. Call Arete Pest Control today. We will answer your rat control questions and create a specialized treatment plan.

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