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Pest Control Lawrenceville, GA

At Arete Pest Control, we want to help you with the pest issues you’re having at home. Our dedicated technicians have years of experience resolving problems ranging from the simplest to the most complicated pests. We are waiting for your call so we can immediately offer you an obligation-free quote, and quickly restore the peace to your Lawrenceville home. Whether it’s a pest or common wildlife, give Arete Pest Control a call. Our office is located at 6500 McDonough Dr. NW, CTE C-1 Norcross, GA 30093. Feel free to call us at (770) 954-8770.

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    Pest Control and Exterminator Service in Lawrenceville, GA

    Pest Control and Exterminator Service in Lawrenceville, GA

    Clients of Arete Pest Control are pleased with our reliability, honesty, and our effective pest control methods. We are a company that you can trust to resolve your problem right away. We stand behind our services, so our customers appreciate the free re-services we offer. We take pride in our work and we make it our goal to help rid your home of the nuisance that is disrupting your tranquility. If a pest returns to your Lawrenceville home, don’t be afraid to call us back to apply more pest control treatment to your property.

    Pest Control and Exterminator Service in Lawrenceville, GA

    Guaranteed Pest Control in Lawrenceville, GA

    Arete Pest Control has professional exterminators that will end your pest infestation very quickly. In the event that your nuisance returns, give us a call back for a free re-service to your property. We are confident that we can apply the most effective treatment when you hire us for your pest control needs. We also offer a money-back guarantee.

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    Termite Control Lawrenceville, GA

    These pests are silent killers of your Lawrenceville home. We get calls for termite service quite often, and the majority of these calls are placed once the infestation is already out of control. It’s no fault of our loyal clients. Termites are prone to staying undetected until long after their infestation is in full force. These pests will damage your home on the interior and exterior. If you start to see tiny wood droppings or hollowed-out wooden columns, then there’s a chance you may have a termite issue. Give us a call as soon as suspicions start so we can thoroughly investigate and let you know what’s going on. We like to get on top of these insects as soon as possible because they need aggressive and sometimes consistent treatment depending on how large the infestation is. Don’t try to self-treat these pests, because they will only slow down, as they continue to reproduce and eat away at your home. Get professional advice as soon as possible.

    Termite Control Lawrenceville, GA
    If you live within the Lawrenceville zip codes of 30043, 30046, and 30049, or any of the areas close by, give us a call now. Our expert pest control techs are thrilled to showcase our efficient pest services to you.