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Arete Pest Control provides the best quality rodent control services in Roswell, Georgia. Our technicians are trained, certified, and licensed to do the work in Roswell, Georgia. We will exterminate your rodents and seal off holes or cracks in your home to prevent rodents from entering your home. We handle mice, rats, squirrels, and voles. We offer a rodent control guarantee for our Roswell, GA customers. This means that we will return to redo the work if rodents return after we’ve sealed off your home’s entry points.

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    Guaranteed Rodent Exterminators in Roswell, Georgia

    Guaranteed Rodent Exterminators in Roswell, Georgia

    Arete Pest Control provides a rodent control guarantee in Roswell, Georgia. If we service your Roswell home and the pests return, call us back to redo the work. Arete technicians have the tools and experience to solve your problem. Your satisfaction is our main priority in Roswell, Georgia.

    Rodent Control Service in Roswell, Georgia

    Rodent Control Service in Roswell, Georgia

    Arete technicians handle various rodents from mice, rats or squirrels to voles. We detect rodents by searching for rodent droppings and rodent home damage. Mouse droppings are small, and they have a smooth surface and pointed ends. Rat droppings are black and between ½ inch and ¾ inch in length. If you have rodents, you may find chewed pieces of paper, plastic or cardboard around your home. When squirrels enter a home, they tend to burrow in secluded areas, such as the insulation of your roof or in your attic or crawl spaces. You may hear them scurrying within your roof or walls. They sometimes make scratching and gnawing sounds inside your basement, attic and walls. If you have a rodent problem, call Arete Pest Control. We will use our rodent bait and traps to solve your problem. Our procedures are as humane as possible, and customer satisfaction is a major concern for us.

    Protecting Your Roswell Home from Rodents

    Rodents often come indoors during winter. To deter rodents, seal off holes and cracks around your home. Clean up drink spills and food crumbs in your home so that you don’t lure rodents. Rodents can chew through most food packaging, including paper or plastic, so keep your food pantry items enclosed in containers that can’t be chewed. Call Arete Pest Control if you need help with rodent control.

    Trustworthy Rodent Control and Rodent Treatment in Roswell

    Arete is the most trustworthy rodent control company in Roswell, Georgia. We are so confident in our work that we give our customers a rodent control guarantee in Roswell, Georgia. If we treat your Roswell residence and rodents return, we promise to return to redo the work.

    Protecting Your Roswell Home from Rodents

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    Mouse Control in Roswell, Georgia

    Mice are among the most common pests for our customers in Roswell, Georgia. Mice squeeze into homes and businesses through holes. Once they enter, mice prefer to hide in secluded places like air vents, basements and attics. They chew through paper products and plastic, which can create a mess around your home. Mice are hard to exterminate because they reproduce quickly. It’s best to call a professional exterminator. Arete handles pesky mice. Leave the tough work to us while you enjoy your leisure time at East Roswell Park or Willeo Park.

    Mouse Control in Roswell, Georgia
    Rat Control in Roswell, Georgia
    Rat Control in Roswell, Georgia

    Our Roswell customers rely on Arete Pest Control for rat control services. Rats are among the most dreaded pests because they carry diseases like salmonella, and rats will also leave disgusting fecal droppings around your home. Rats tend to live in secluded areas near their food and water sources. They invade kitchens and contaminate food. Some homeowners are embarrassed to admit they have a rat problem because they worry about being criticized for their housekeeping habits. If you have a rat infestation, you can attempt to solve the problem by using chemicals, poison or traps, but these products can pose health hazards to your family. Arete’s rodent control technicians are well-equipped and licensed to eliminate rats as safely as possible. Call Arete Pest Control today.

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