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We provide the best rodent control services in Suwanee, Georgia. Our Arete technicians are certified, trained, and licensed in Suwanee, Georgia. We will rid your home of rodents and seal off any holes or cracks in your home to prevent rodents from returning. We handle rats, mice, squirrels, and voles. We also offer a rodent control guarantee for our customers in Suwanee, Georgia. This means that we will return to your home to redo the work if rodents return after we’ve already sealed off the entry points to your home.

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    Guaranteed Rodent Control in Suwanee, Georgia

    Guaranteed Rodent Control in Suwanee, Georgia

    Arete Pest Control provides a rodent control guarantee to our customers in Suwanee, Georgia. If we treat your Suwanee residence and the pests return, call us back to redo the work. Arete technicians have the experience and the tools to solve your problem. Customer satisfaction is our top priority in Suwanee, Georgia.

    Rodent Control Service in Suwanee, Georgia

    Rodent Control Service in Suwanee, Georgia

    Arete Pest Control technicians handle various rodents from mice, rats or squirrels to voles. We can detect rodents by searching for rodent droppings and rodent home damage. Rat droppings are black and between ½ inch and ¾ inch long. Mouse droppings are smaller, and they have a smoother surface and pointed ends.  If you have rodents, you may see chew marks on small objects made of paper, plastic or cardboard. Rodents will sometimes make scratching and chewing sounds inside your walls, attic or basement. If you have a rodent problem, call us at Arete Pest Control. We will use our rodent bait and trap technique to solve your problem.

    Protecting Your Suwanee Home from Rodents

    Rodents often come indoors, especially in winter as they seek warm shelter. To keep rodents out, you should seal off all holes and cracks around your house. Clean up any food or drink spills in your home so that you don’t entice rodents. Rodents can chew through most food packaging, such as paper or plastic, so keep your food pantry items enclosed in metal containers that can’t be easily destroyed. If you need help with rodent control, call Arete Pest Control.

    Trustworthy Rodent Control and Rodent Treatment in Suwanee

    Arete provides rodent control for residents of Suwanee, Georgia. We are confident in our work and give our customers a rodent control guarantee in Suwanee, Georgia. This means that if we treat your Suwanee residence and rodents return, then we will return to redo the work.

    Protecting Your Suwanee Home from Rodents

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    Rat Control in Suwanee, Georgia

    Customers in Suwanee rely on Arete Pest Control for our rat control services. Rats scurry around attics and basements, where they leave feces and germs. Rats will also invade your kitchen and other food storage areas. Many homeowners are embarrassed to admit they have rats because they worry about being judged as dirty or disgusting. If you have a rat control problem, you can attempt to solve the problem on your own with chemicals, poison or traps. However, these products can pose health hazards to your family and pets. At Arete, our rodent control technicians are trained and licensed to eliminate rats as safely as possible. Call us today.

    Rat Control in Suwanee, Georgia
    Mouse Control in Suwanee, Georgia
    Mouse Control in Suwanee, Georgia

    Mice are a common pest in Suwanee, Georgia. They squeeze into homes and businesses through small cracks and holes. They can enter through a hole as tiny as a quarter. Once they enter a home, mice prefer to hide in air vents, attics, basements and other warm and secluded places. Mice will chew through paper products and plastic, too. Mice are hard to get rid of because they reproduce so quickly, and It’s best to call a professional rodent exterminator to solve your problem. Arete Pest Control will handle those pesky mice while you resume your leisure time at Suwanee Creek Park or Peachtree Ridge Park.

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