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 Spider Control Alpharetta, GA

Arete Pest Control offers unparalleled spider control service in Alpharetta, GA. We understand the species and know-how to ensure their removal from your property for good.

We conduct a thorough inspection of your home exterior, looking for any webs, cracks in the building, & crevices, specifically around windows & doors, which can serve as an entry point.

Then we look for any bushes/vegetation touching your house, like a long bush of a tree extending to your balcony, which may facilitate entry of spiders.

Our experienced exterminator applies trusted and safe products to all the entry points and potential pest harbor areas outside your home. The trusted products are safe for your family and provide guaranteed results.

With over five years of experience in the area, we know how to exterminate and ensure the non-recurrence of spider infestation in & around your property. We are a local company serving in Alpharetta, GA.

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    Certified Spider Control and Exterminator 

    Certified Spider Control and Exterminator 

    Our residential pest control services in Alpharetta, GA, are geared towards preventing spider problems, protecting your health, and safeguarding your property.

    You can expect to be greeted by a friendly certified technician who comes with a fully equipped truck to handle any spider infestation problem from the moment we arrive.

    A standard treatment can never be universally applicable to all scenarios, and therefore, to be effective, the treatment needs to be toned to the specific needs of your house. Once we perform a thorough sweeping of spider webs from your lower eves, you can rest assured that the problem will be eliminated – our certified staff will provide free of cost service in case of any re-occurrence.

    Spider Prevention

    Spider Prevention

    Webs are used to catch flies and other insects, a spider food source. Depriving spiders of their food source will facilitate successful spider control. Following measures may be taken to achieve this objective:

    • Cleaning all webs: Any cracks/crevices near the web may host the spider, which must be cleaned. Vacuuming will ensure web removal as well as spider egg removal.
    • Spiders lurk nearby their webs and look out for any accessible food sources near their webs. Eliminating the food source will eliminate other insects, which will eliminate spiders.
    • Properly cleaned kitchen & food containers and immediately disposed of any leftover food in the trash.
    • Ensure ventilation of all attic and crawlspaces and use yellow bulbs for porch and floodlights.
    • Turn off lights at night so that flies, moths, and other insects are not attracted to your home, as their presence will attract spiders.
    • Remove clutter and unwanted items from home and around your house.

    Spider Infestation

    Most spiders are predators. They prey on insects & other spiders, whereas some larger species also prey on birds & lizards. They possess eight legs and have a pair of jaw-like structures, which host a hollow, claw-like fang at the end. These fangs are used to inject venom into their prey.

    Common household spiders generally spin webs over lamps, corners, and basements. The web itself causes no harm.

    • Spiders in the home

    Therefore, some spiders are associated with moisture and are typically found in basements, crawlspaces, and other damp parts of buildings in Alpharetta, GA.

    Others live in warm, dry places such as subfloor air vents, upper corners of rooms, or attics. Most species hide in cracks, darkened areas, or other retreats constructed of silk.

    Most spiders are not dangerous to humans, except the black widow, hobo, and brown recluse spiders – these species do not create cobwebs indoors. Further, the agrarian sac (or yellow sac) spider can cause painful bites, redness, swelling, and itching.

    • Spiders attracted to food

    They love to make their web near areas of other pest activity, such as ants, flies, moths, and even other spiders, as this is their primary food source. Kitchen shelves, food storage, etc., need to be covered, sealed, and cleaned properly so that other pests do not thrive in your home.

    The presence of tiny pests will eventually result in the arrival of spiders in your home. Alpharetta, GA, is likely to host many insects because of its favorable climate. Therefore, managing food sources will require continuous monitoring.

    Spider Infestation

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