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Guaranteed Pest Control Provo, Utah

Arete Pest Control is a high-quality pest control company serving Provo, Utah. We offer warranties on the work we do. Our customers can trust that all of our technicians are trained to eliminate common household pests, such as termites, bed bugs and mosquitoes. Call Arete Pest Control with any questions you have about pests in Provo, Utah.

How Can We Be Of Service?

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    Mosquito Control 
    Termite Control
    Termite Control
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    Bed Bugs
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    Wildlife Removal

    Areas We Treat Near Provo, Utah

    Arete Pest Control provides pest control services to a number of areas around Provo, Utah. We cover the following zip codes: 84097, 84601, 84602, 84603, 84604, 84605, 84606, 84663

    We provide service to the following cities:

    Pest Control in Provo, Utah

    Pest Control in Provo, Utah

    Pest Control in Provo, Utah

    How To Get Rid Of Pest In Provo, Utah

    How the Process Works

    1. Get in contact with us. Call, Email, or send us your contact info
    2. Get a free quote and a personally customized plan to fit your needs. No matter the problem we can customize a perfect plan for you.
    3. Set up account and schedule service
    4. Sit back and enjoy a bug-free home, office, or place of business.
    5. Contact us if you ever have any issues with our services

    Here’s what our Customers are saying

    Guaranteed Pest Control in Provo, Utah

    Guaranteed Pest Control in Provo, Utah

    At Arete Pest Control, we proudly guarantee our work. If you purchase a service plan from us and you’re unsatisfied with our services, we will return to your property free of charge. We also offer a money-back guarantee on some of our services. Call us today to learn more about our warranties and money-back guarantee.

    Why Choose Arete Pest Control in Provo, Utah?

    Why Choose Arete Pest Control in Provo, Utah?

    Our pest control customers in Provo, Utah, have confidence in Arete Pest Control. If we treat your property for pests and the pests return, call us back. We will re-service your property to ensure that we eliminate the pests. When you purchase a pest control plan from us, we provide courteous and prompt services. We also know that eliminating pests is often a multi-step process. We will return multiple times to spray our pest control products to deter future infestations as needed

    Termite Control Provo, Utah

    Termite Extermination In Provo, Utah

    Termite Control Provo, Utah

    Termites are a pest control concern for many residents and business owners in Provo, Utah. Termites target wood. They will eat and destroy the structure of a home or office building. A structure can be significantly damaged by termites in just a few months. In cases where there are large termite infestations, entire sections of a home or office building will have to be repaired or replaced. This can cost thousands of dollars in repair bills.

    Flying insects are a sign of a termite infestation. These flying pests are winged termites called swarmer’s, and they are often attracted to light. You will frequently see them around doors or windows in homes that are infested with termites. Another sign of a termite infestation is discarded wings. After the swarmer’s fly, they eventually shed their wings. Piles of insect wings inside or outside your home indicate you may have a termite problem.

    When you have a termite infestation, you will often notice signs on the wood of your structure. The wood will blister. If you knock on the wood, you will hear a hollow sound, and this is because termites tend to eat the wood from the inside out. This creates wood that is empty inside with only a thin veneer of wood on the outside.

    If you have a termite problem in Provo, Utah, don’t attempt to eliminate the pests on your own. While some retail pest control treatments will help, homeowners often try several treatments before they find an effective one. Don’t waste your money and time. Instead, rely on Arete Pest Control to handle your pest control problem in Provo, Utah. We will set up an appointment to assess your Provo, Utah, home or business. If we find termites at your property, we will determine the best pest elimination method.

    Mosquito Control Provo, Utah

    Mosquitoes are a big pest control concern for Provo, Utah, residents. These pests swarm around homes and businesses. They are especially pesky in hotter weather. While mosquitoes are a pest in many Provo, Utah, properties, they are especially troublesome in places near water. If you have a lake or river near your business or home, this will increase the mosquito population since the pests tend to lay eggs in water or damp ground.

    To decrease your mosquito population, eliminate standing pools of water around your Provo, Utah, home. Get rid of all open canisters or bottles that hold water around your yard. Drain plastic wading pools when they aren’t in use. Do not overwater your lawn. Keep your rain gutters unclogged so that water won’t back up and won’t clog the drains.

    Mosquitoes also tend to live in high grass and weeds. To reduce the pest population in your yard, keep your grass cut and trim any tall shrubs or weeds around your Provo, Utah, property. However, even when you take all necessary precautions, it’s difficult to get rid of mosquitoes. Call Arete Pest Control to treat your mosquito problem. We will use our pest control spray to reduce the mosquito population around your home or business. We will also give you some pest control tips for controlling your mosquito population long-term.

    Mosquito Control Provo, Utah

    Effective Mosquito Control In Provo, Utah

    Bedbugs Control in Provo, Utah

    #1 Bed Bugs Treatment In Provo, Utah

    Bed Bug Control Provo, Utah

    Bed bugs are a major pest for many businesses and homes in Provo, Utah. These pests can easily move from one area to another in people’s clothing, bags or suitcases. Bed bugs are difficult pests to detect because they can hide in tiny holes. They flatten themselves out to fit underneath cracks in wallpaper. They can even fit through small crevices in furniture or walls. The pests tend to hide in dark places near their human host. Any holes or crevices near your bed are good hiding places for bed bugs.

    At night, the pests come out to feed. If you have bed bugs, you may see them on your bedding. You might also notice reddish-brown stains on your sheets from the places where bugs were crushed. If you’ve been bitten by these pests, you’ll notice small bite marks on your skin. In most cases, bed bug bites are harmless. However, some people have especially sensitive skin and others are creeped out at the thought of a bite from a bed bug.

    If you have a bed bug problem, call Arete Pest Control. Our expert pest control technicians are trained to locate and eliminate pests. We use family-friendly pest control methods. We can answer any of your questions about bed bugs or other common pests in Provo, Utah.

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