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Georgia Wasp Control and Treatment

Arete Pest Control offers wasp control treatment for Georgia customers. Our customers rely on our skilled technicians to perform high-quality wasp control work. Our technicians are trained to eliminate wasps by removing the nests and spraying or dusting the area. We employ only certified wasp control technicians, and all of our techs are prepared to answer your questions and explain our treatment methods.

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    Services We Cover in Georgia

    We offer pest control services for several types of pests. Call us today to handle ants, spiders, wasps or rodents.

    1. Ants are a common pest in Georgia yards. You will know you have an ant problem if you see ant trails or small piles of wood shavings in your yard. In some cases, ants enter a home through cracks in the home’s foundation. Ants can also enter through locations where pipes or wires enter a home. Our ant control experts are skilled at using granules, seals and spot treating techniques.
    2. Spiders are a common pest in Georgia homes and yards. Many of our Georgia customers are afraid of spiders and struggle to exterminate them. Some spiders are venomous and should only be exterminated by trained professionals. Our technicians have experience with treating spider infestations.
    3. Wasps most often live outdoors, though some may create nests in attics or on porches. These pests are a health hazard because some people are allergic to their sting. If you have a wasp problem, it’s best to have it handled by a pest control expert. Our technicians are knowledgeable about the various types of wasps and how to eliminate them.
    4. Rodent control is a chief concern for many of our Georgia customers. Call us for help today. We use baited traps to capture the pests, and then we remove them from your property.

    Wasp Treatment

    There are several things you can do around your Georgia home to protect it from wasps. For starters, you can use certain plants and herbs to deter wasps. Lemongrass, peppermint, basil and citronella have been known to deter wasps. Plant them around your yard to keep wasps away. Wasps love fruit trees and flowers, so having these plants on your property will attract wasps. Wasps are also attracted to sugar. Clean up any sucrose or syrup spilled from soda cans or other household food products. If you still find that you have a wasp problem, call us at Arete Pest Control.

    Wasp Warranty in Georgia When you purchase a wasp plan from Arete Pest Control, we will warranty your home from wasps. If we treat your property and wasps return, so will we.

    Wasp Treatment
    Guaranteed Wasp Control in Georgia

    Guaranteed Wasp Control in Georgia

    At Arete Pest Control, we guarantee our wasp control work. We also warranty your Georgia home from wasps. If we treat your home for wasps and the wasps return, call us back to redo the work.

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    Termite Control Georgia
    Termite Control Georgia

    Termites are a pest control concern for many residents in Georgia. These pests eat wood, so they tend to live in trees or logs. When they invade your home, termites can cause a great deal of damage. They eat wood from the inside out. This will eventually leave your walls and floors weak and hollowed out. If left untreated, termites can cause walls and floors to crumble. Termites are difficult to find and eliminate. You need to call in an expert. At Arete Pest Control, we use bait treatment, soil treatment and wood treatment for termite extermination. When we use bait treatments, we place the bait stations around your property. Termites take the bait back to their colony, and the colony is destroyed. Wood treatments are applied directly to the wood of your structure. The wood treatment destroys existing termites and prevents future infestations. Our soil treatments are inserted into the soil of your property. The soil treatment creates a barrier that keeps termites out. Call us today for a termite inspection.

    We provide wasp control services for several counties and numerous cities in Georgia. We handle all of the following counties and cities: