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Wasp Control Alpharetta, GA

Wasps are a big problem for residents in Alpharetta, GA. The pests are especially annoying in the hot summer weather. Wasps swarm the local area and most often build their nests outdoors. If you’ve ever spent much time around the Chattahoochee National Forest, then you’ve probably been pestered by wasps. Wasps are social creatures that live in colonies. They build nests out of chewed-up wood products.

Paper wasps are among the most common wasps in Alpharetta, Georgia. These pests include several different species of wasps. They live in small colonies. Most paper wasps are brown with yellow markings on them. Some have reddish markings. They have six legs and a set of antennae.

While wasps tend to prefer building nests outdoors, sometimes wasps come indoors. In fact, wasps in a house are among our customers’ common concerns in Alpharetta. Wasps will sometimes nest in garages, sheds or even inside people’s homes. They can cause pain and discomfort when they sting you. If you have a wasp control problem, call Arete Pest Control. We have the necessary products to exterminate wasps for you.

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    Wasp Control Service in Alpharetta, GA

    Wasp Control Service in Alpharetta, GA

    You can purchase oils and scents to deter wasps. Wasps generally do not like the smell of peppermint, lemongrass, or clove. Herbs such as thyme and basil have also been known to deter wasps. If you have flowering plants or fruit trees in your yard, you’ll likely have wasps around your property. Wasps feed on fallen fruit, and they are attracted to the smell of flowering plants.  If you wear heavy perfume, you may attract wasps, too. If you have a wasp control problem, call us at Arete Pest Control. Our technicians are trained to safely approach wasps’ nests and treat the problem.

    Arete Pest Control is a reliable wasp control company in Alpharetta, GA. We employ certified technicians who are trained to locate wasps’ nests. When you purchase a plan from us, we will explain our wasp control policies and select the best treatment method. You can rely on our guarantee and warranty. When you purchase a plan from us, we vow to use only the most current and effective methods to get rid of your wasps.

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    Ant Control Alpharetta, GA

    While ants aren’t generally harmful to humans, they are a nuisance for our customers in Alpharetta. Ants will get into gardens and eat your plants. They are also known to make ugly mounds around a property. These mounds can be quite large and difficult to get rid of. Ants will come indoors if you leave food crumbs around your home or you fail to clean up sugary drink spills. Be sure to sweep up crumbs and mop up all spills. You can buy retail ant insecticides. However, you must always be sure to follow all instructions of use for any chemicals you buy. Some of those chemicals are more effective than others, and you may have to try several before you find one that suits your needs. Chemicals can also be dangerous to humans and pets if they aren’t used properly. It’s best to call in an expert. Our technicians at Arete Pest Control have experience with handling ant infestations. We can solve your problem.

    Ant Control Alpharetta, GA

    Trusted Ant Control Alpharetta, GA

    Mosquito Control Alpharetta, GA

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    Mosquito Control Alpharetta, GA

    Mosquitoes are attracted to hot weather, forests and water. They love the woods around Big Creek Greenway and other local parks in Alpharetta. To deter mosquitoes on your property, don’t allow weeds or bushes to grow up around your property. Trim all weeds and keep your lawn cut. Don’t leave standing pools of water around your home. If you have a swimming pool or rain barrels, keep them covered when they aren’t in use. Be sure to keep all rain gutters and down spouts clean so that water doesn’t back up around the house. You can also purchase scented candles to repel mosquitoes. However, depending on where you live, you may still find yourself overrun with mosquitoes. If your mosquito problem is out of control, call Arete Pest Control. Our technicians are trained to combat mosquitoes. We will use our mosquito spray to reduce your mosquito population.

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