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Wasp Control Loganville, GA

Wasp control treatment is one of the many pest control problems we handle in Loganville, GA. At Arete Pest Control, we employ certified and trained technicians. We use our specialized wasp spray and dust to exterminate wasps. We have the proper tools to remove wasps from high places, such as tree limbs and the eaves of houses. If we treat your property for wasps and the wasps return, call us to redo the work.

Wasps live in nests that they construct from chewed wood, dirt or mud. They build their nests in trees, tree stumps or underground. Sometimes they even build nests in people’s homes or sheds or other buildings. People fear wasps because of the wasp’s painful sting. While most wasp stings only cause minor irritation, some people suffer allergic reactions to the stings. If you’re stung, you should seek emergency medical care if you’re having trouble breathing or your throat closes up. Abnormal swelling is another sign of an allergic reaction, and it requires an emergency medical response. If you have only minor swelling and itching, you can treat your wasp sting at home with antihistamine and hydrocortisone. If you need wasp control help, call Arete Pest Control. We will remove the wasps’ nest and exterminate wasps from your property in Loganville, GA.

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    Wasp Removal and Extermination Company in Loganville, GA

    Arete Pest Control is a professional company that handles wasp extermination in Loganville, GA. Our customers choose us for our wasp control guarantee and warranty. If we treat your Loganville property and the wasps return, call us back to your residence to redo the work.

    All of our wasp control technicians are certified to do wasp control work in Loganville, GA. When you purchase our wasp control plan, we will remove the nest and exterminate wasps using a specialized dust or spray. You will save yourself the time and effort of exterminating the wasps yourself.

    Wasp Removal and Extermination Company in Loganville, GA

    Frequently Asked Questions about Wasps

    1. Are wasps useful? Wasps are helpful to our environment. They move pollen from one flower to another, which pollenates the plants and helps plants reproduce. Wasps also eat pesky insects like beetles, flies and crickets. Wasps feed on these pests and keep insect populations lowered.
    2. Are yellow jackets wasps? Yes, yellow jackets are wasps, and they’re among the most aggressive wasps. Yellow jackets are yellow and black, which makes people sometimes mistake them for bees.However, a yellow jacket’s body is thinner than a bee’s body. Yellow jackets are also more aggressive than bees. Yellow jackets often build nests underground. These underground nests are difficult to detect. People are sometimes stung while walking too close to a nest. The yellow jackets feel their nest is being threatened, so they attack. Most yellow jacket stings aren’t harmful to humans, though some people suffer allergic reactions to the stings.
    3. Do wasps sting or bite? Wasps sting. Most wasp stings don’t pose a danger to humans, but some people do have allergic reactions to wasp stings. Seek emergency medical care if you struggle to breathe or your throat closes up after being stung. Abnormal swelling is another sign of an allergic reaction that also requires immediate medical attention. If you have only minor swelling and itching, you can treat your stings at home with basic medicines like hydrocortisone cream and antihistamine.
    4. Do Wasps Die After They Sting You? No, wasps don’t die after they sting. Wasps keep their stinger instead of leaving it inside you. This allows them to sting multiple times.
    Protecting Your Loganville, GA Home from Wasps

    Protecting Your Loganville, GA Home from Wasps

    Scented candles and oils deter wasps. Wasps are attracted to flowers and fruit trees, so if you have those on your property then you’ll have swarms of wasps. Some homeowners use herbs and plants to deter wasps. You can use citronella, thyme, lemongrass, basil and cloves to help keep wasps away. To deter wasps, clean your trash bins and recycling bins regularly. Bag your trash before placing it in your trash bin. However, even if you take these precautions, you could still find yourself fighting a wasp problem. If you need help with wasps, call Arete Pest Control.

    Trustworthy Wasp Control and Wasp Treatments in Loganville, GA

    Arete Pest Control serves customers in Loganville, GA. You should purchase our wasp control plan to take advantage of our warranty and our guarantee. If wasps return after we’ve treated your residence, call us again to redo the work. At Arete, we use the most effective methods to exterminate wasps, including a specialized spray and a wasp control dust. Our technicians are trained to remove wasps’ nests.

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    Mosquitoes are a common pest for homeowners in Loganville, GA. Mosquitoes love warm weather, so the forests around Gwinnett County provide the perfect habitat. If you’ve spent much time in nearby Vines Park or Meridian Park, then you’ve probably noticed pesky swarms of mosquitoes. There are several things you can do to deter mosquitoes from your Loganville property. For starters, don’t leave standing pools of water around your property. If you have rain barrels or a swimming pool, keep them covered up when not in use. Clean your rain gutters regularly so that water doesn’t pool up in clogged gutters or downspouts. You can also purchase mosquito spray and scented candles to deter mosquitoes. However, it’s best to call an expert. Arete Pest Control has a specialized mosquito spray that we can use to lower your mosquito population. We will return to your property as needed to respray the area.

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    Termites are a dreaded pest for our customers in Loganville, GA. These pests are feared because of their ability to cause costly damage to your property. Termites eat wood from the inside out, which causes walls to crumble. Ceilings and floors can also collapse due to termite damage. You will know you have termites if you notice swarms of them around your property. You can also hear termites moving through wood. Termites make buzzing, rustling, rattling and clicking noises. If you think you have a termite problem, call Arete Pest Control. We use bait treatment, soil treatment and wood treatment to eliminate termites.