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Wasp Control Snellville, GA

Do you have a wasp control problem in Snellville, GA? If so, call Arete Pest Control. Our technicians are trained and certified to remove wasps and spray or dust your property to eliminate wasps. If we treat your property for wasps and the pests return, call us back to redo the work.

Wasps are often mistaken for bees. However, bees have a rounder body and they appear fatter than wasps. Wasps live in small colonies and most often make their nests in tree stumps, trees or underground. Some wasps come indoors and nest inside homes or storage buildings. Wasps make nests from chewed wood, dirt or mud. Wasp stings can be painful, which makes some people fear wasps. Most wasp stings only cause minor skin irritation like swelling and itching. However, some people have allergic reactions to the stings. If you have a wasp control problem, call us at Arete Pest Control. We will remove the nest and use our specialized spray or dust to exterminate wasps from your Snellville property.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Wasps

    Wasp Removal and Treatment in Snellville, GA

    Wasp Removal and Treatment in Snellville, GA

    Arete is a professional company that handles wasp extermination for residents in Snellville, GA. Our customers take advantage of our wasp control guarantee. If we treat your property and the wasps return, call us back to redo the work.

    All of our wasp control technicians in Snellville, GA, are well-trained and certified to do wasp control work. Our technicians carefully remove nests and exterminate wasps using a specialized dust or spray. When you purchase our wasp control plan, you can be sure that we will solve your wasp problem.

    Protecting Your Snellville, GA Home from Wasps

    Some homeowners use plants and herbs like thyme, cloves, lemongrass and basil to deter wasps in Snellville, GA. You can also purchase candles and oils to deter wasps. Wasps love to swarm around trash and recycling bins, especially if you have soda cans or any type of sweet-smelling food or beverage spills around the bins. To deter wasps, keep your trash bins and recycling bins washed out. Be sure to bag your trash. Even if you take these precautions, you could still find yourself with a wasp problem. If you need help with wasps, call Arete Pest Control.

    Trustworthy Wasp Control and Wasp Treatments in Snellville, GA

    Homeowners rely on Arete Pest Control for wasp control in Snellville, GA. You should purchase our plan to take advantage of our warranty and our guarantee. If wasps return after we’ve treated your Snellville residence, call us again to redo the work. At Arete Pest Control, we use the most effective methods to exterminate wasps. We will spray or dust your residence with our special products. Our technicians are also trained to remove wasps’ nests.

    Protecting Your Snellville, GA Home from Wasps

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