Utah Wasp Control and Treatment

Wasps are a major pest control problem for Utah homeowners. However, our technicians at Arete Pest Control are trained and certified to exterminate wasps. We know how to locate and remove wasps without posing a health hazard to your family or pets. We use a telescoping pole to remove nests from elevated places. We also eliminate wasps using our dust or spray. Take advantage of our wasp control guarantee. If we treat your Utah property and the wasps return, call us back to redo the work for you.

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    Wasp Extermination 

    At Arete Pest Control, our wasp control technicians are certified to exterminate wasps. When you buy our plan, we will remove your nest and dust or spray your Utah property. Wasps can be difficult to exterminate, especially since so many people are afraid of approaching a live nest. Let Arete Pest Control handle your wasp problem. We will save you the hassle of exterminating the wasps yourself.

    Wasp Extermination
    Guaranteed Wasp Control in Utah

    Guaranteed Wasp Control in Utah

    If you have fruit trees or flowering plants on your property, then you will likely attract wasps, especially in warmer weather. Discard any fallen fruit from your trees in order to keep wasps away. Wasps also like sugary drinks and foods. Clean up any food or drink spills in your trash cans or recycling bins to deter wasps.  You can also use scented oils and candles to deter wasps. Some people use basil, citronella, lemongrass, thyme, or cloves as deterrents. You can use oscillating fans on your porch, on your deck, or in your garage to keep wasps from entering. If you take these precautions and you’re still struggling with wasp control on your Utah property, call us at Arete Pest Control.

    Guaranteed Wasp Control in Utah

    Guaranteed Wasp Control in Utah

    Arete Pest Control offers wasp control services for homeowners in Utah. When Utah residents buy our wasp control plan, they take advantage of our wasp control guarantee. This means we will return to your property to redo the work if wasps return after we’ve treated the residence. Arete Pest Control is a trusted and well-respected Utah company. Contact Arete Pest Control if you need help with wasps in Utah. Our Utah customers trust us to solve their wasp control problems. We are so confident in our abilities that we offer a wasp control guarantee.  If we treat your property and wasps return, call us back to your Utah residence to redo the work. Our wasp control technicians are experienced in using telescoping poles, wasp dust and wasp spray. We pride ourselves on being courteous and answering our customers’ wasp control questions. We will thoroughly explain our extermination methods, too.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Wasps

    1. Do wasps sting or bite? They sting. People fear a wasp’s painful sting. However, most stings aren’t deadly or hazardous. In the vast majority of cases, people who get stung will receive only minor swelling and itching. Mild symptoms can be treated with hydrocortisone and antihistamine. However, some people do have allergic reactions. Seek immediate medical care if you experience any of the following after a sting: Difficulty breathing, Abnormal swelling, especially in the face, and, Throat swelling or closing up.
    2. Do Wasps Die After They Sting You? No, they don’t die after stinging you. A wasp will keep their stinger instead of leaving it inside you. This allows them to sting people multiple times.
    3. Are wasps useful? Wasps are helpful to our natural environment. They are pollinators, which means they spread pollen from one plant to another and help plants reproduce. Wasps also help farmers and gardeners by eating other pests like beetles and crickets.
    4. Are yellow jackets wasps? Yes, yellow jackets are an aggressive type of wasp. They have yellow and black markings on them that make them look like honeybees. However, yellow jackets are thinner than bees and have a smaller waist. Yellow jackets will attack when a person or animal gets too close to their nest.
    5. What are paper wasps? Paper wasps get their name from the papery nests they construct from chewed wood.  The nests are brown or grey and they have a papery feel to them. Paper wasps have a set of antennae and six legs. These wasps are among the most common type of wasps in Utah.

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    Ant Control in Utah
    Ant Control in Utah

    Ants are a major pest to our customers in Utah. These pests are a nuisance in people’s gardens. They will eat your plants and make ugly mounds around your property. Ants also ruin outdoor activities in local parks like Zion National Park or Canyonlands National Park. When ants come indoors, they contaminate people’s food sources. Some types of ants can even cause structural damage to a home by hollowing out wood surfaces. If you have an ant problem, call us at Arete Pest Control. We will get rid of your ants and save you the time and effort of doing the job yourself.

    We provide wasp control services for several counties and numerous cities in Utah. We handle all of the following counties and cities: