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Wasp Control American Fork, UT

Homeowners in American Fork often struggle to eliminate wasps. At Arete Pest Control, our technicians are trained in wasp treatment, and they’re certified in American Fork, Utah. We will exterminate wasps from your American Fork property without posing a health hazard to you or your family. Our technicians are equipped with the most effective equipment, including telescoping poles to remove wasp nests from elevated places like roofs and tree limbs. We also use a wasp control dust and a spray. Call us today to receive our wasp control guarantee in American Fork. If we treat your property and the pests return, call us back to redo the wasp control work.

Arete Pest Control provides wasp control services to residents in American Fork, Utah. When you buy a wasp treatment plan from us, you can trust that we will handle your problem. Arete even offers a wasp control guarantee. This means we will return to your American Fork residence to service your property again if wasps return after we’ve initially treated your home. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Wasps

    Wasp Control Service in American Fork, Utah

    Wasp Control Service in American Fork, Utah

    At Arete Pest Control, our technicians are both courteous and well-trained. They are also professionally certified in American Fork, Utah. When you choose Arete, we will remove your wasp nest and spray or dust your American Fork property. Wasps are difficult to exterminate, especially if you’re struggling to access a nest located up high or underground. We can spare you the hassle of exterminating wasps. Our technicians are trained in finding and eliminating wasps.

    Protecting Your American Fork Home from Wasps

    There are several things you can do to deter wasps. If you have fruit trees, remove the fallen fruit from your property. Clean up all food and drink spills in your recycling bins or garbage cans. Some people plant herbs and plants like basil, cloves, thyme or lemongrass to use as deterrents around their property. However, sometimes you still need to call in a professional pest control company for help with wasps. If you’re struggling with wasp control at your American Fork residence, call Arete Pest Control. We will use our wasp spray and dust to get rid of your wasps.

    Trustworthy Wasp Control and Wasp Treatment in American Fork

    At Arete Pest Control, we offer a wasp control guarantee. If we treat your residence and the pests return, call us back. We will redo the work. We use the most effective wasp control equipment, including wasp dust and wasp spray. We use telescoping poles to remove nests located up high. When you buy our wasp treatment plan, we will thoroughly explain our extermination plan.

    Protecting Your American Fork Home from Wasps

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    Guaranteed Bed Bug Control American Fork, UT

    Bed Bug Control in American Fork

    Bed bugs are one of the most dreaded pests in American Fork, Utah. They usually bite at night as you sleep. You’ll wake to find itchy welts on your skin. The bugs are reddish brown and about the size of an apple seed. They can hide easily in crevices around your bedroom, which makes it difficult to find and exterminate them. At Arete Pest Control, we have experience with bed bug extermination. We use heat and chemicals to get rid of bed bugs. We will also encourage you to use bed bug covers over your beds to trap the bugs. The covers need to stay on your beds for about a year, and this is because bed bugs have been known to survive for months without feeding. If you have a bed bug problem in American Fork, call us at Arete Pest Control. We will find and eliminate the bugs and let you get back to your leisure time at local attractions like Evergreen Park or Fox Hollow Golf Course.