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Wasp Control and Wasp Treatments in Draper, UT

Arete Pest Control provides the best wasp control services in Draper, Utah. Our Draper technicians use wasp dust and wasp spray to eliminate wasps. Our technicians are also certified and licensed to work in Draper, Utah. When you purchase our wasp control plan, we will remove the nest. If your nest is located in an elevated location, we will use our telescopic poles to reach the nest. We also provide a wasp control guarantee for our Draper customers.


Wasp Control Near Draper, UT

 We service all of the following cities:

  • Provo
  • American Fork
  • Lindon
  • Alpine
  • Orem
  • Springville
  • Highland
  • Salem
  • Lehi
  • Pleasant Grove
  • Vineyard
  • Cedar Hills
  • Spanish Fork
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Mapleton
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  • Utah County
  • Salt Lake County
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  • Draper
  • Herriman
  • Riverton
  • Sandy
  • South Jordan

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wasps

  1. Should I leave the house during your inspections and treatments? There is no need for you to leave the house for wasp treatments. Because nests are typically located outside of the home, we prefer that you stay inside as we treat the wasps or hornets. If wasps become aggressive during treatments, it’s safer for you to be inside.
  2. How soon can I expect results from your services? If we can remove the nest, you should see results right away. However, in many cases, some stray wasps aren’t in the nest when it’s taken down. Those stray wasps will return to look for the nest. It may take them a couple of days to realize that the nest is gone and that they must relocate.
  3. Do you have a money-back guarantee? No. Wasps fly, so we cannot guarantee they won’t fly back to your Riverton home.
Guaranteed Wasp Control in Draper, Utah

Guaranteed Wasp Control in Draper, Utah

Arete Pest Control provides a wasp control guarantee to our customers in Draper, Utah. If we treat your Draper residence and the wasps return, call us back. We will return to your home to redo the work. Our Draper technicians have the proper training and tools to exterminate wasps. We will remove your wasp nest and dust or spray your property. Customer satisfaction is our main concern.

Protecting Your Draper Home from Wasps

Wasp Control Service in Draper, Utah

Arete Pest Control provides the best wasp control services in Draper, Utah. We are a respected and reliable company. If you attempt to treat your wasp problem, you will have to remove the nest, and you must be careful while doing so. Some wasps will swarm and attack you if you get too close.  While stings don’t pose a health hazard to most people, some people do suffer allergic reactions. Therefore, it’s best to call an expert. At Arete, our technicians are experienced with handling and removing nests. We also use spray and dust to exterminate wasps. Call Arete Pest Control today. We will inspect your property and explain our extermination plan for your Draper residence.

Trustworthy Wasp Control and Wasp Treatment in Draper

Trustworthy Wasp Control and Wasp Treatment in Draper

At Arete Pest Control, we are confident in our ability to exterminate wasps. We offer a guarantee, which means that we will return to your Draper home to redo the work if wasps return. Call us for a consultation today. Our Draper technicians will answer your questions and explain our wasp treatment process.

Bed Bug Control in Draper

Guaranteed Bed Bug Control Draper, UT

Bed Bug Control in Draper, UT

Bed bugs are a common pest and a major hassle for our customers in Draper, Utah. Bed bugs are reddish brown and about the size of an apple seed. They have flattened bodies that enable them to fit into small cracks and holes. These bugs give off a musty odor in your bedroom. They can be hard to exterminate because they can burrow in their hiding places for months without feeding. Just when you think you’ve eliminated them all, the bugs come out to feed again. Bed bug bites don’t general pose a health hazard to humans. However, many people have nighttime anxiety when they imagine being attacked in their sleep by bugs. Bed bugs are also an embarrassing sight if you have houseguests. It’s best to call in a professional exterminator for help. Our professional exterminators at Arete will search for bed bugs in the places where they commonly hide. We will also use heat and our specialized product to eliminate the bugs. We recommend that customers leave mattress covers on for at least a year after we have treated their home. The covers trap the bugs and prevent them from coming out to feed. Call Arete Pest Control to order a bed bug treatment plan today.


Ant Control in Draper, Utah

Ant infestations are a common problem from our customers in Draper, UT. These pests invade gardens and build mounds around local properties. In the worst of cases, some ant species can even tunnel through your home and cause structural damage. When ants come indoors, they often contaminate food sources. You can treat an ant problem yourself by using retail sprays and pellets. However, there are thousands of types of ants, so your products may not be as effective as you would like them to be. Arete Pest Control has years of experience with treating ant infestations, and we are able to identify various ants and the proper products to treat each type. Our technicians follow ant trails to locate the ants. Then, they use some combination of non-repellants, granular bait and inside bait to exterminate the pests. We will carefully explain the best extermination methods for your specific ant problem. Let Arete handle your ants so that you can focus your leisure time at local attractions like Salt Lake County Flight Park or Ashton Gardens.

Ant Control in Draper, Utah

Trusted Ant Control Draper, UT