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Wasp Control in Herriman, UT

Arete Pest Control is a trusted name in wasp control in Herriman, Utah. We train our Herriman technicians to remove wasp nests and spray and dust properties. Our technicians are also certified and licensed in wasp treatment.  When you purchase a pest control plan from Arete, you can rest assured that you’re hiring a certified company capable of performing wasp extermination work in Herriman, Utah. We will save you the hassle of exterminating wasps yourself.

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    Wasp Removal and Treatment in Herriman, Utah

    Wasp Removal and Treatment in Herriman, Utah

    Arete Pest Control provides high quality wasp control in Herriman, Utah. We also offer a guarantee and a warranty on several of our services.  Our Herriman technicians have the training and tools to carefully eliminate wasps. We even use telescoping poles to reach nests in elevated areas, such as rooftops and tree branches. We can answer all of your wasp treatment questions. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Arete Pest Control is a trustworthy company serving Herriman, Utah. Arete technicians are trained to carefully remove nests. Some residents try to remove wasp nests themselves, but wasps often sting when the nest is disturbed.  It’s best to leave wasp control work to the professionals at Arete Pest Control. We are experienced at removing’ nests, and we have a specialized spray and a dust to exterminate wasps. Call Arete today to order a wasp treatment plan.

    Frequently Asked Wasp Control Questions

    1. Should I leave the house during your inspections and treatments? There’s no need for you to leave the house for wasp treatments. Wasp nests are typically located outside of the home. We prefer that you stay inside while we treat the wasps or hornets on the outside. If they become aggressive during treatments, it’s safer for you to be indoors.
    2. How soon can I expect results from your services? If we can remove the nest, you should see results right away. If some wasps aren’t in the nest when it’s removed, those wasps will return to look for the nest. It may take those stray wasps a couple of days to realize that the nest is gone and they must make another nest.
    3. Do you have a money-back guarantee?  No. Wasps fly, so we cannot guarantee they won’t come back to your Riverton home.
    Protecting Your Herriman Home from Wasps

    Protecting Your Herriman Home from Wasps

    At Arete, we are confident that we can exterminate your wasps. We even offer a guarantee, which is our promise to return to your Herriman home to redo the work if wasps return. Our customers depend on our courteous, prompt services. We have the proper tools and techniques to remove wasp nests and exterminate the wasps using our specialized wasp control spray and dust. Call Arete Pest Control for a consultation. Our Herriman technicians will explain our wasp treatment process and answer your questions.

    To protect your Herriman home from wasps, wash out your trash bins and recycling bins regularly. This keeps wasps from swarming around drink spills or food crumbs. If you have flowering plants of fruit trees on your property, you’ll see wasps swarming around, especially in hot weather. Clean up any fallen fruit around your property. For help with wasp control, call Arete Pest Control. We will use our spray or dust to get rid of the wasps.

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    Termites are a hassle for residents in Herriman, Utah.  These pests range in color from white to almost black. They leave behind piles of wings. You can hear the clicking, rattling or rustling sounds they make as they move through wood. Termites are among the most dreaded pests because of the costly damage they cause. Termites attack the wood of a home and eat wood from the inside out. This weakens walls and floors. In the worst of cases, termites can even cause wood to crumble, and this causes structural damage. In the worst of cases, a homeowner will pay thousands of dollars in repair bills due to termite infestations. The sooner you treat your termite problem, the better. You can buy chemicals and attempt to treat the problem yourself. However, if you’re not trained to look for termites, you may miss some of their hiding places.