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Wasp Control in Riverton, UT

Arete Pest Control provides high-quality wasp control in Riverton, Utah. We train our technicians to use our specialized dust and spray to eliminate wasps. We even have telescoping poles to reach nests located in elevated areas like roofs and tree branches. When you buy our wasp control plan, we will remove the nest and save you the hassle of dealing with it yourself.

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    Wasp Removal Service in Riverton, Utah

    Wasp Removal Service in Riverton, Utah

    Arete Pest Control is the best choice for wasp control in Riverton, Utah. We have years of experience with exterminating wasps. Our technicians are courteous and focused on customer satisfaction. We have the proper tools, including a wasp control spray and a wasp control dust. Our technicians are trained to apply chemicals carefully. We are knowledgeable and can answer your wasp treatment questions. Some Riverton residents try to remove nests themselves, but this can be dangerous if the wasps become aggressive. When you spray chemicals, you may see relief right away, but then you have to treat your property again when wasps return. It’s best to call a professional wasp control company for help. Call Arete Pest Control to order a wasp treatment plan.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Wasps

    1. Should I leave the house during your inspections and treatments? There is no need for you to leave the house for wasp treatments. Wasp nests are typically located outside of the home. We prefer that you stay inside while we treat the wasps or hornets on the outside. If the wasps or hornets become aggressive during treatments, it’s safer for you to be indoors.
    2. How soon can I expect results from your services? If we can remove the nest, you should see results right away. If some wasps aren’t in the nest when it’s removed, those wasps will return to search for the nest. It may take those stray wasps a couple of days to realize that they must relocate.
    3. Do you have a money-back guarantee?  No. Wasps fly, so we cannot guarantee they won’t come back to your Riverton home.
    Protecting Your Riverton Home from Wasps

    Protecting Your Riverton Home from Wasps

    To protect your Riverton home from wasps, clean out your trash cans and recycling bins. This keeps wasps from swarming around food crumbs or sugary drink spills. If you have fruit trees in your yard, pick up any fallen fruit. Wasps love to swarm around flowers and fruit, especially in summertime. You can also purchase wasp control chemicals. However, you must carefully apply them and follow all product labels. Keep in mind that there are many types of chemical treatments, and some chemicals are more effective than others.

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    Mosquito Control in Riverton, Utah

    Mosquitoes are a common nuisance around Riverton, Utah, especially during warm weather months. They will leave itchy bites on your skin. Outdoor activities can be unpleasant when you have a large mosquito infestation. Mosquitoes live in dense brush. They also prefer to lay their eggs in or around water. To deter mosquitoes, keep your grass cut and trim weeds around your property. Don’t let water pool up around your home. This means you should keep your rain gutters clean and clear so that water doesn’t get clogged in gutters or downspouts. If you have rain barrels or a swimming pool, keep them covered or drained when they aren’t in use. To deter mosquitoes from flying into your home, use oscillating fans on your porches and decks. You can also buy scented candles and chemical repellents for mosquitoes. However, if you live near water or a forested area, it’s especially difficult to control mosquitoes. It’s best to call a professional for help. Choose Arete Pest Control. We have the experience and the tools to lower your mosquito population.

    Mosquito Control in Riverton, Utah

    Trusted Mosquito Control Riverton, UT