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Wasp Control in Sandy, Utah

Arete Pest Control  exterminates wasps for residents of Sandy, Utah. At Arete, we train our Sandy technicians to use spray and dust to exterminate wasps. We also use telescoping poles to reach nests located up high. You can rest assured that our technicians are certified to perform wasp extermination work in Sandy, Utah. When you buy a plan from us, we will remove the nest and save you the trouble of doing it yourself. When you choose Arete Pest Control, you will receive our guarantee. We will return to your Sandy property to redo the work if wasps return after we have already treated the property.

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    Wasp Control Service in Sandy, Utah

    Wasp Control Service in Sandy, Utah

    We provide high-quality wasp control services to residents in Sandy, Utah. Arete technicians are trained to find and remove nests. We are a reliable company and we offer a wasp control guarantee. This means we will return to your property to redo the work if we don’t eliminate the wasps the first time. Some residents try to remove the nests themselves, but this can cause wasps to swarm you if you’re not careful. It’s best to call a professional company for help with wasp treatment. Arete Pest Control technicians are experienced with removing wasps’ nests. Call us today to order a wasp treatment plan.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Wasps

    1. Are wasps useful? Wasps are considered pests, but they’re also useful to the environment. They eat other pests like crickets and beetles, and this helps keep pest populations lowered. Wasps spread pollen among plants, which aids in plant reproduction.
    2. Do wasps sting or bite? Wasps sting. Though the stings can be painful, they don’t usually cause serious health problems for people. However, some people have allergic reactions from stings that require emergency medical help. The most common signs of an allergic reaction are: Throat swelling or closing up, Difficulty breathing Abnormal swelling, especially in the face
    3. Do Wasps Die After They Sting You? No, wasps do not die after stinging. A wasp keeps its stinger, which allows it to sting multiple times.
    4. Are yellow jackets wasps?Yellow jackets are aggressive wasps. They are black and yellow like bees, but bees are rounder than yellow jackets, and yellow jackets have a thinner waist. Yellow jackets often nest underground, though they sometimes nest in other enclosed areas like wood piles or dense bushes.  Yellow jackets often attack when a person or animal comes too close to the nest.
    5. What are paper wasps? Paper wasps are wasps with a set of antennae, two wings and six legs. They usually have yellow marks on their bodies. Paper wasps make brown and grey nests from chewed wood or stems mixed with saliva.
    Wasp Prevention

    Wasp Prevention

    Arete Pest control is the best choice for wasp control in Sandy, Utah. We provide a wasp control guarantee. This means that if we treat your residence and wasps return, we will return to your home to redo the work. Our Sandy technicians have the training and tools to exterminate your wasps. We will carefully remove the nest and spray or dust your property in Sandy, Utah. Customer satisfaction is our main concern.

    To protect your Sandy home from wasps, wash out your trash bins and recycling bins. This keeps wasps from swarming around drink spills or food crumbs. If you have flowering plants of fruit trees on your property, you’ll see wasps swarming around, especially in hot weather. Clean up any fallen fruit around your property. For help with wasp control, call Arete Pest Control. We will use our spray or dust to get rid of the wasps.

    At Arete, we are confident that we can exterminate your wasps. We even offer a guarantee, which is our promise to return to your Sandy home to redo the work if wasps return. Our customers depend on our courteous, prompt services. We have the proper tools and techniques to remove wasp nests and exterminate the wasps using our specialized wasp control spray and dust. Call Arete Pest Control for a consultation. Our Sandy technicians will explain our wasp treatment process and answer your questions.

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    Termites are a hassle for residents in Sandy, Utah.  These pests range in color from white to almost black. They leave behind piles of wings. You can hear the clicking, rattling or rustling sounds they make as they move through wood. People feel anxiety about termites because of the costly damage termites cause. Termites attack the wood of a home and eat wood from the inside out. This weakens walls and floors. In the worst of cases, termites can even cause wood to crumble. The sooner you treat your termite problem, the better. It’s best to call in an expert. There are lots of different types of termites, so it’s difficult for homeowners to know which type they have and which products work best. At Arete Pest Control, we have years of experience treating termites. We use wood treatments, soil treatments and bait treatment for termites. We also provide termite letters for those who seek to sell or purchase a home. Call us today for a consultation.