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Learning the Ways of Wasps

Chances are you have or know someone who has had a close encounter with a wasp. Although their sting… and even just hearing a buzzing in your ear… may cause…

The Truth About Termites

Termites are a big concern and scare to homeowners. Did you know subterranean termites are found in every state across the United States? They are known to cause billions of…
Termites Removal in Gwinnett,GA

What to Do When The Bed Bugs Bite

We all know the feeling. You feel a string or hair go across your neck and you smack your neck hoping to brush a bug off of your neck. You…
Bed Bug Control

The Health Risks of Rats and Mice

Protect your health by making sure your home is rat and mouse free. Along with giving you the chills, having mice and rats can have a great risk passing diseases…
Rodent Control in Cumming, GA

Are Termites Active in the Winter?

Our team is often questioned about the activity level of termites throughout the year. Although the colder weather during the fall and winter slow down many other pests, termites are…

Is Your Bug Exterminator Up For The Task?

Trust us, we’ve heard it all. “It’s part of living in the south,” many say. Others may attribute colonies living too close to the house or even admit at being…
Pest Control in Duluth, GA