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 Termite Control Alpharetta, GA

Arete Pest Control offers high-quality treatments for termites for our customers in Alpharetta, GA. Our technicians are certified and well-trained to exterminate termites. We will assess your property and determine the proper treatment method to eliminate your termites. We use soil treatments, wood treatments, and baited traps for termites. Call us at Arete Pest Control to help you protect your Alpharetta, GA, home against termites. We will do an inspection and check for termites. When you purchase a termite plan from us, a technician will return to your home annually to do a yearly termite control inspection. Don’t wait until termites damage your home’s structure. Waiting and leaving the home unprotected can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs later. You can deter termites from coming into your Alpharetta, GA, home by eliminating food sources around your home. Termites eat wood, so do not stack wood or lumber near your home’s foundation. Instead, stack your woodpile at least thirty feet from your home. Check your wooden fences for signs of termites, such as tunnels in the wood or hollowed-out places. If you have piled lumber or wood on your property, keep it at least a foot off the ground.

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    Trusted Termite Treatments in Alpharetta, GA

    Trusted Termite Treatments in Alpharetta, GA

    We exterminate termites with several termite treatment methods for our customers in Alpharetta, GA. We will install pest control bait stations around your home or office building to trap termites. The termites eat the bait and bring it back to the colony, which destroys the termites.

    We also provide soil treatment for termite control, which involves applying our product to the soil around your home or business. This product creates a barrier between the termites and your home or office building. When the termites cross the barrier, they take our termite treatment product back to their colony and spread it to the other termites.

    At Arete Pest Control, we also provide wood treatments for termite control. The wood treatments are typically used with one of the above treatments. Wood treatments involve treating the wooden structure so that termites that eat the wood will be exterminated.

    Call us today for termite treatment in Alpharetta, GA. We will use our trusted termite treatment methods to eliminate these pests from your property.

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    Pest Control Alpharetta, GA

    Arete Pest Control provides pest control services for several pests in Alpharetta, GA. We handle mosquitoes, termites, bed bugs, wasps, spiders and ants. We use products that are EPA-approved. Call us today for a consultation.

    Termite Control Alpharetta, GA

    Best Termite Control In Alpharetta, GA

    Mosquito Control Alpharetta, GA

    #1 Mosquito Control In Alpharetta, GA

    Mosquito Control Alpharetta, GA

    Mosquitoes are a major pest control concern for our customers in Alpharetta, GA. If you’ve spent much time on the nearby Chattahoochee River, then you’ve undoubtedly noticed the area’s abundance of mosquitoes. Other local parks with large forested areas, such as Stone Mountain Park, are havens for mosquito infestations.

    Mosquitoes love dense trees and weeds. They often lay their eggs on or near water. To reduce the mosquito population on your property, get rid of any standing water on your property. Empty any plastic pools when they aren’t in use. Many homeowners keep rain barrels on their property to catch runoff or water plants. If you have a rain barrel, you can use netting on the barrel to keep mosquitoes away.

    High grass and weeds attract mosquitoes, too. To deter mosquitoes, you should keep your grass cut and trim any shrubs or bushes on your property. To prevent mosquitoes from coming indoors, use an oscillating fan near the entrances to your home. You should also make sure your windows have screens. Though mosquito bites are typically harmless, some mosquitoes carry diseases like malaria. If you have a mosquito infestation, call us at Arete Pest Control. We will use our pest control spray to reduce your mosquito population.

    Bed Bug Control Alpharetta, GA

    Bed bugs are a major pest for our customers in Alpharetta, GA. These bugs are feared by both homeowners and business owners. Bed bugs come out to feed on human hosts at night, which makes people especially squeamish about a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are also difficult to exterminate. They can hide in tiny spaces and survive without feeding for months. Bed bugs can easily travel from one place to another via luggage or used furniture.

    You will know you have a bed bug infestation if you notice live bed bugs crawling around your bed or mattress. The bugs are the size of an apple seed, and they’re reddish-brown. The bugs also have flat bodies, which enables them to fit into small crevices. Bed bugs leave behind yellowish skins when they shed. Bed bug excrement looks like small black dots. Bed bug bites are generally itchy, and you may notice tiny welts or swelling on your skin when bitten. Most people aren’t allergic to bed bug bites.

    If you have a bed bug infestation, call us at Arete Pest Control. We will use our effective methods of exterminating these pests while also giving you peace of mind.

    Bed Bug Control Alpharetta, GA

    Effective Bedbug Treatment In Alpharetta, GA

    We provide termite control for several zip codes and cities around Alpharetta, GA. Zipcodes we treat around Alpharetta are as follows: 30004, 30005, 30009, 30022, 30076