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 Termite Control Fulton County, GA

There are several benefits to purchasing a termite control plan from Arete Pest Control in Fulton County, GA. We offer a pest control treatment guarantee as well as a pest control warranty. Our technicians are well-trained and well-equipped termite treatment experts. When you purchase a termite control plan from us, we will dispatch a technician capable of using bait treatments, soil treatments and wood treatments to eliminate your termites. Bait treatment stations are set up strategically around your property. The termites enter the bait stations and take the product back to the colony where the termites are destroyed by the product. Our soil treatments are buried in the soil on your property. The soil termite treatment creates a barrier around the home that prevents termites from entering the home. The wood termite treatment product is applied directly to the wood, which eliminates the termites and prevents future termite infestations. Our customers trust us to rid their homes of termites in Fulton County, GA. We offer our customers our guaranteed promise as well as a termite treatment warranty. If you’re unsatisfied with our work, call us back. We will return to your home to redo the work.

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    Termite Prevention in Fulton County, GA

    Termite Prevention in Fulton County, GA

    You can take several steps to prevent termites from entering your home in Fulton County, GA. For starters, don’t stack up firewood or any other wood products against your home. Wood products attract termites. You should also avoid spreading wood mulch too close to your home’s exterior. Make sure that any firewood or mulch is kept at least four feet from your home. Termites also like water, so don’t keep standing pools of water around your home. Keep your downspouts and rain gutters clean so that water isn’t trapped in your drainage system.

    If you have a termite control problem, call us today at Arete Pest Control. We have the expertise and the tools to solve your problem.

    Guaranteed Termite Control in Fulton County, GA

    Guaranteed Termite Control in Fulton County, GA

    At Arete Pest Control, we guarantee our termite control work in Fulton County, GA. We warranty your Fulton County home from termites. This shows that we have confidence in our termite control work and want to provide the best quality termite control to customers. We also promise to keep your home protected so when termites do come there is already a barrier there to protect the home from termites. Our termite control system creates a year-round termite protection plan. If termites return to your home, so will we.

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    Pest Control Fulton County, GA

    Pest control is a major concern for our customers in Fulton County, GA. Though Atlanta is known as an urban city, there are many forested areas outside Fulton County. These forested areas, such as the Chattahoochee River National forest, have an abundance of pests. Because Fulton County has a hot and humid climate for most of the year, this makes it even more prone to pests. Our pest control company handles mosquitoes, ants, wasps, spiders, termites and bed bugs. Our pest control technicians are well-trained and certified to do the work in Fulton County. We also have all the proper products to eliminate pests.

    Ant Control in Fulton County, GA

    Best Pest Control In Fulton County, GA

    Mosquito Control Fulton County, GA

    #1 Mosquito Control In Fulton County, GA

    Mosquito Control Fulton County, GA

    Mosquitoes are a big pest for our customers in Fulton County, GA. Mosquitoes thrive in forested areas and they prefer to lay their eggs in or around water. If you live near water in a humid climate with lots of woods and brush, then your property is a magnet for mosquitoes. To deter mosquitoes, you can purchase scented candles to repel them. Using oscillating fans on your porch or deck can also help keep the mosquitoes away. You can get some relief from mosquitoes by using over-the-counter repellent sprays. However, you must use these sprays every time you go on an outing, and you typically have to re-apply it throughout the day. However, when you call Arete Pest Control we will use our special spray to reduce the mosquito numbers on your property. This means fewer pesky mosquitoes for you to fight with.

    Bed Bug Control Fulton County, GA

    Bed bugs are among the most obnoxious pests for our customers in Fulton County, GA. The bugs feed on human blood, and they can also bite pets, too. While bed bug bites are generally harmless, the bites can annoy and unnerve some people. You may wake up with itchy welts on your skin. Some people are ashamed to admit they have bed bugs. It’s also not a good idea to have houseguests when you have a bed bug infestation. The bugs will disgust your guests. The bugs might also climb into your guests’ luggage and be carried to a second location where they can infest another home. If you live in a multi-family home, the bugs can travel through walls and electric sockets and infest your neighbors’ apartments, too.

    It’s difficult to treat a bed bug infestation on your own. If you don’t apply enough product or heat to the bugs, many of them can survive and reproduce. The bugs can also live without feeding for months at a time. If you have a bed bug infestation, it’s best to call in an expert. At Arete Pest Control, our technicians are trained to search for the bugs and use trusted methods of eliminating them. We will ensure that the bugs are gone and that your family can rest easy again.

    Bed Bug Control Fulton County, GA

    Effective Bedbug Treatment In Fulton County, GA