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Termite Control Herriman, UT

Termites are a pest control issue for residents of Herriman, UT. Arete Pest Control provides a termite control warranty and a guarantee on our work. We will solve your termite problem using the most effective treatment methods. We use bait treatments, soil treatments and wood treatments. When we use soil treatments, we treat the soil around your property. This creates a barrier around your home that blocks termites from entering. When we use bait treatments, we place bait stations around your property. Termites take the bait back to the colony where it destroys the colony. When we use wood treatment, we apply our product to the wood of your home. The wood treatment product exterminates termites and prevents future infestations.

We guarantee our termite control work in Herriman, UT. We will also warranty your home from termites. Our technician will create a barrier to protect your home when termites arrive. Our pest control system also creates a year-round protection plan. If termites return, so do we.

Customers rely on us in Herriman, UT. We employ only certified and well-equipped technicians to do the work. When you buy a plan from us, our technicians will create a strategy to eliminate your termites.

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    Subterranean Termite Control Near Me

    Subterranean Termite Control Near Me

    Subterranean termites are a common variety of termites in Herriman, UT. These termites will feast on the wood of your home. If untreated, they can cause thousands of dollars in damage. They also make mud tubes around your property. If you’ve asked yourself, “Is there any subterranean termite control near me?” then the answer is yes.  Our technicians are trained to eliminate subterranean termites.

    What do subterranean termites look like? You can identify subterranean termites by their color and their wings. Some subterranean termites are creamy white, though the swarmers range in color from brown to almost black. The swarmer termites have two sets of wings that are almost the same length. The workers and soldiers don’t have wings. Workers and soldiers typically have a brown head with a cream-colored body.

    There are several signs to look for if you think you may have subterranean termites. A termite-infested wall will often sound hollow if you tap it. Termites eat wood from the inside out, which thins the walls of your structure. Walls infested with termites will also blister. You can often hear termites moving within a wall. They make clicking, buzzing and rattling sounds as they eat wood and travel through wood. Swarms of termites around your property are an obvious sign of an infestation. If they swarm indoors, you likely have active termites in your residence or underneath your structure.

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    Herriman customers choose Arete for our pest control warranty and guarantee. We are a well-respected company. We handle mosquitoes, bed bugs, spiders, wasps, ants and termites. Call Arete Pest Control today for an inspection.

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    Mosquito Control Herriman, UT

    Best Mosquito Control In Herriman, UT

    Mosquito Control Herriman, UT

    Mosquitoes thrive in hot weather, which makes summertime in Herriman an ideal climate for them. While most mosquitoes aren’t harmful, some of them carry diseases like malaria and West Nile. To protect your property from mosquitoes, trim bushes and cut weeds and grass around your property. Don’t leave standing water around your property. Clean your rain gutters and downspouts regularly. You can also purchase scented candles for your yard to deter mosquitoes. Oscillating fans on your porch will help keep mosquitoes out of your house. However, fighting mosquitoes on your own can be a difficult task. If you still need help with mosquito control, call us at Arete Pest Control. We will use our mosquito spray to reduce the mosquito population on your property. We will also send a technician back to your home as needed to re-spray the area.