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Termite Control Pleasant Grove, UT

Termite control is a major cause of concern for our customers in Pleasant Grove, UT. You can trust us at Arete Pest Control to solve your termite problem using the most current termite control methods. Our technicians are trained and certified to use bait treatments, soil treatments, and wood treatments. There are hundreds of types of termites, and you can trust us to adjust our techniques as needed to treat your specific termite problem.

We are a company you can trust. Our customers rely on our prompt services and knowledgeable technicians. Call Arete Pest Control today to solve your termite problem. When you buy a termite control plan from us, we will warranty your home. Our technicians are certified to do the work. We use only the most current termite control methods, including wood treatments, soil treatments and bait treatments.

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    Termite Extermination Service in Pleasant Grove, UT

    At Arete Pest Control, we guarantee our work. We vow to warranty your home from termites. We will keep your home protected so that when termites arrive there is an existing barrier there to protect the home from termites. Our system creates a year-round termite protection plan. If termites come back, so do we. Termites typically live under the soil. They locate wood sources either below the ground or on the ground’s surface. However, termites will also invade trees or homes and feed on the wood. To avoid a termite infestation, keep trees and bushes away from your home. Keep wood piles away from your home. Termites eat cellulose products (wood products) so don’t stack wood up against the side of your home. Termites need moisture to survive. Make sure water isn’t sitting or resting against or around your home. Termites are estimated to cause more than $5 billion in damage each year to American homeowners.

    Termite Extermination Service in Pleasant Grove, UT
    Subterranean Termite Control Near Me

    Subterranean Termite Control Near Me

    If you’ve asked yourself, “Is there any subterranean termite control near me?” then look no further. Arete Pest Control has the tools necessary to eliminate these pests.

    What do subterranean termites look like? Some of these pests are creamy white. Worker and soldier subterranean termites don’t have wings. Workers and soldiers typically have cream-colored bodies with a brown head, and the soldiers’ heads are typically darker in color.

    Swarmer termites fly away from a crowded colony to form a new colony. Subterranean termite swarmers are dark brown to black in color. They have two sets of wings that are nearly identical in length. These termites typically swarm in fall, spring and summer during the daylight hours. If you see them swarming outdoors, you probably have a termite colony outside. If you see them swarming inside your home, you likely have a colony in your home or beneath the home. Subterranean termites will make mud tubes around your property. They eat wood from the inside out. They make clicking, rattling and rustling sounds as they move through wood and feed on wood. A wall infested with subterranean termites will often sound hollow when you tap on it. If you leave the infestation untreated, the termites will eventually eat the walls, ceilings and floors until they become thin. Ceilings and floors may even collapse due to termite damage.

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    Mosquito Control Pleasant Grove, UT

    Trusted Mosquito Control In Pleasant Grove, UT

    Mosquito Control Pleasant Grove, UT

    Mosquitoes are a major concern for our Utah customers in Pleasant Grove. The warm climate and forested areas are the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. These pests tend to live in weeds or woods. They prefer to lay eggs on or near water. To deter mosquitoes, don’t keep standing pools of water around your home. Keep your rain gutters and downspouts clear so that water and debris aren’t trapped in the gutters. Keep your yard trimmed and neat. Weeds and brush will only attract mosquitoes. Keep oscillating fans on your porch or deck to prevent mosquitoes from flying indoors. You can also purchase retail sprays and scented candles to deter mosquitoes. However, despite all of these precautions, you might still find your property invaded by swarms of mosquitoes, especially in warm weather.

    If your mosquito problem is out of hand, call us at Arete Pest Control. We have a special mosquito spray that we use to reduce the mosquito population on a property. Our technician will return to your property as needed to re-spray the area. Call us today to learn more about our mosquito control plan.

    Bed Bug Control Pleasant Grove, UT

    Bed bugs are among the most dreaded pests for our customers in Pleasant Grove. They hide during the day and come out at night to bite while people are sleeping. The bugs leave small, itchy welts on the skin. They also create a musty odor. The bugs are small and brown. They have flat bodies that enable them to fit into tiny crevices. The bugs tend to hide in furniture cracks and other small spaces around a bed. They can even travel through small holes in walls from one apartment to the next. Bed bugs will fit neatly in spaces within wallpaper and electric sockets, too. These pests are difficult to eliminate. You may think you’ve located and exterminated all of the bugs, but you could miss a few hiding places. Some retail products are highly effective, but you may have to treat your problem more than once to exterminate all the bugs. It’s best to call in an expert. Our technicians at Arete Pest Control are trained to find and eliminate bed bugs. Call us today to purchase a pest control plan from Arete Pest Control.

    Bed Bug Control Pleasant Grove, UT

    Guaranteed Bed Bug Control In Pleasant Grove, UT