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 Termite Control Provo, UT

Arete Pest Control offers high-quality termite treatment for customers in Provo, UT. Customers rely on our knowledgeable technicians and effective termite control work. We guarantee our termite control services. When you buy a termite control plan from us, we will provide a termite warranty on your home. Our termite control technicians are certified and well-equipped to eliminate termites using bait treatments, wood treatment and soil treatment for termites.

Bait traps are placed around your property, and termites are lured into the traps. Termites enter the trap and take the bait back to their colony, and as a result the colony is destroyed. Our soil treatment for termites is placed in the soil around your property. The soil treatments make a barrier around your home, which prevents a termite invasion. Wood termite treatment is applied to the surface of your termite-infested wood. The wood treatment destroys any existing termites and prevents future termite infestations.

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    Trusted Termite Treatments in Provo, UT

    Trusted Termite Treatments in Provo, UT

    Customers depend on Arete Pest Control in Provo, UT. If you purchase a plan from us, you can trust that we will assess your property and determine the best method(s) for eliminating your termites. We will also create a unique plan for treating your property and explain all the steps in the process.

    There are several things you can do to protect your home from termites in Provo, UT. Keep trees and bushes away from your home. Do not pile up the wood around your home’s exterior. Because termites eat cellulose products (wood products), you should keep wood away from the foundation of your home. Termites need moisture to survive. Make sure water isn’t sitting or resting against or around your home. In the United States, termites are estimated to cause more than $5 billion of damage each year to homeowners.

    Guaranteed Termite Control in Provo, UT

    Guaranteed Termite Control in Provo, UT

    We guarantee our termite control work in Provo, UT. When you purchase a plan from us, we will warranty your home from termites. We promise to keep your home protected so that when termites do come there is already an existing barrier there to protect your home.  At Arete Pest Control, we use products that are EPA-approved. These products are used in hospitals, schools, daycare centers, rest homes, and veterinary clinics. Your safety is our top priority at Arete Pest Control. Our system creates a year-round termite protection plan. If termites come back, so do we.

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