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Guaranteed Termite Control Riverton, UT

Termites are a major nuisance for residents of Riverton, UT. At Arete Pest Control, we provide a termite control warranty and a guarantee. If we treat your termite problem and the pests return, call us back to redo the work. We treat termite infestations using only the most effective treatment methods. Our technicians are trained to use bait treatments, soil treatments and wood treatments. When we use our soil treatments, we insert the treatment into the soil around your property. This forms a barrier around your home to block termites from entering. When we use bait treatments, we put our bait stations around your property. Termites take the bait back to the colony and spread it to the other termites, which destroys the colony. When we use wood treatment, we apply our product directly to the wood of your home. The wood treatment exterminates termites and also prevents future infestations.

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    Riverton, UT Termite Control

    Termite Control Company in Riverton, UT

    Guaranteed Termite Control in Utah

    How To Get Rid Of Termites In Riverton, UT

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    Here’s what our Customers are saying

    Subterranean Termite Control Near Me

    Subterranean Termite Control Near Me

    Subterranean termites are among the most common types of termites found in Riverton, UT. Subterranean termites feed on the wood of your home. If left untreated, the termite infestation can cause thousands of dollars in damage. The termites also make mud tubes around your property. Many residents of Riverton ask themselves, “Is there any subterranean termite control near me?” The answer is yes. Our technicians are trained and certified to eliminate subterranean termites.

    What do subterranean termites look like? Some subterranean termites are white, but the swarmers range in color from brown to almost black. Swarmer termites have two sets of wings that are almost the same length. The workers and soldiers don’t have wings. Workers and soldiers usually have a cream-colored body and a brown head. Termites can be as short as ¼ inch in length or as long as one full inch.

    You can tell you have a termite infestation by listening for sounds in walls and also tapping walls. A termite-infested wall will often sound hollow when you tap it. Termites eat wood from the inside out, which leaves your walls significantly thinner. Walls infested with termites will also blister. You can sometimes hear termites moving within a wall. They make buzzing, clicking and rattling sounds as they travel through wood and eat wood. Swarms of termites around your property are a telltale sign of an infestation. If termites swarm indoors, you likely have active termites in your residence or underneath your structure.

    What Do Baby Termites Look Like?

    What Do Baby Termites Look Like?

    Baby termites look like white ants. If you have these on your property, call us for a consultation. Our termite technician will search for the termites. If we find them on your property, our technician will explain all possible treatment options. We will identify and eliminate any baby termites or mature termites on your property.

    Guaranteed Termite Control in Riverton, UT

    Guaranteed Termite Control in Riverton, UT

    At Arete Pest Control, we guarantee our work in Riverton, UT. We will also warranty your home from termites. Our technician will create a barrier to protect your home when termites arrive. Our pest control system also creates a year-round protection plan. If termites return, we will too.

    Termite Control Service in Riverton, UT: Arete Pest Control is a reliable termite control company in Riverton, UT. Our technicians are all certified and equipped to do the work. When you buy a plan from us, our technicians will discuss and create a strategy to exterminate the termites.

    Protecting Your Riverton, UT Home from Termites

    Protecting Your Riverton, UT Home from Termites

    There are several things you can do to protect your structure from termites. For starters, keep weeds and bushes away from your home. Do not stack any wood around your home’s exterior. Termites eat cellulose products (wood products), so keep wood away from the home’s foundation. This means you should keep firewood at least several feet away from your home. Do not pile up wood mulch around your home’s exterior either. Termites need moisture, so don’t allow water to rest against or around your home. In the United States, termites are estimated to cause more than $5 billion in damage to homes each year.

    Trustworthy Termite Control and Termite Treatments in Riverton, UT : Our customers choose us for our superior service. We offer a guarantee and warranty, and our technician are all knowledgeable and well-trained. When you buy a plan from us, we will return to treat your property as needed.

    Pest Control Riverton, UT

    We are a well-respected company with professional technicians who are trained to find and eliminate bed bugs, mosquitoes, spiders, ants, wasps and termites. Call Arete Pest Control today for an inspection.

    Pest Control Riverton, UT

    Best Pest Control In Riverton, UT

    Ant Control Riverton, UT

    Trusted Ant Control In Riverton, UT

    Ant Control Riverton, UT

    Ants are a common pest in Riverton, UT. They build mounds around people’s yards. Certain types of ants can even sting humans. In rare cases, people have allergic reactions to stings. If you’re a nature lover who enjoys trekking through Midas Creek Trail or Riverton City Park, you’ve probably noticed ants scampering around. When ants come indoors, they can get into food supplies and ruin them. Some types of ants can even damage wood when they nest in it. If you have an ant problem, you can attempt to treat it yourself using retail products. However, some of these products work best on certain types of ants and may not be as effective on others. If you have an ant problem, call Arete Pest Control. We will identify your ants and develop a treatment strategy.

    Mosquito Control Riverton, UT

    Mosquitoes love hot weather, which makes summertime in Riverton an ideal climate for these pests. Most mosquitoes aren’t harmful, but some carry diseases like malaria. To protect your property from mosquitoes, trim your bushes and cut weeds and grass around your property. Mosquitoes love to lay eggs near water, so don’t leave standing water around your property. Clean your rain gutters regularly. You can buy scented candles to deter mosquitoes. Oscillating fans on your deck or porch will help keep mosquitoes out of your house. Fighting mosquitoes on your own can be a tough order. If your mosquito problem is out of control, call in a professional. Arete Pest Control uses a special mosquito spray to reduce mosquito populations. When you purchase a pest control plan from us, we will send a technician back to your home as needed to re-spray the area.

    Mosquito Control Riverton, UT

    Guaranteed Mosquito Treatment In Riverton, UT

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