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    Wildlife Removal

    Arete Pest Control offers wildlife removal services that are very effective. We service various types of wild animals such as raccoons, skunks, opossums, squirrels, and much more. If you have searched for wildlife removal services near me, Arete Pest Control is the one to take on the task of your local and guaranteed wildlife removal service.

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    Licensed and Insured Wildlife Specialists

    Arete Pest Control provides reliable Wildlife Removal Services. We have been in business for 5 years and have seen how effective our services have helped our customers when they needed our help. Arete believes in making your home a place of refuge and safe from any type of unwanted guests. Our products are effective and more durable than any other store-bought removal product. With Arete Pest Control you will see the difference that our products can do to remove your infestation.

    With the help of our well-trained pest control experts, we can determine which type of infestation you may have. Our technicians have had years of experience learning the common traits, hiding spots, and habits for each class of pest that may be living in your home. They make sure they can find the source of your problems and with our most effective products, we can remove your infestation. Remember that our services manage your infestation even if you don’t see them again in your home for a while. Our products give your home the needed protection from more critters from entering into your home.

    100 Percent Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Wildlife Removal services Guaranteed

    As professional wildlife removal services, our goal is to attend to the needs of our customers whenever there has been an infiltration of animals in their homes or property. We humanly remove and control your wild animals from your property. We provide our most trusted, and guaranteed service to your home. To avoid further infestations we help with an exclusion service by placing our traps and closing off any entry points that were made by the wild animal. Remember that our services are guaranteed, if you are not satisfied with our services we will come back to make sure we have resolved your problems.  Call us today and we will send our best wildlife specialists to review your needs.

    • Extended perimeter prevention
    • Exclusion
    • Interior crack and crevice
    • Cage Traps and Baits
    • And more

    Signs of Wildlife infestation in my home

    Worried that you may have an animal infestation in your home? You may want to read the following details to double-check your home and see if you have wildlife infestation. It is sometimes overlooked when it comes down to seeing signs of unwanted animals on your property. Some of the following can be evidence of wildlife animal activity in your homes such:

    • chewed-up trash/garbage bags
    • scat (aka poop)
    • holes in your eaves
    • disturbing noises in your walls
    • burrows in your lawn.
    • scampering noises in the attic

    If you notice any signs of these specific activities you should take action immediately. Once we get the call we can send our certified and trained wildlife technicians to review your needs and provide solutions to your animal infestation.

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    We remove your wildlife problem

    As part of our Pest Control services, we want to help you understand how we can get rid of your problem. What we do as a professional pest control company is set up traps to lure the animal into our specialized cage traps. We place our baits in each trap around your property where there is heavy activity. When the animal gets trapped do not provoke them, we do not want you to get harmed by these unpredictable animals. When such events happen please call us and we will send out our professional experts to recover the traps and remove the animal from your property. With our pest control services in our company, we do our part to make sure that we can be the wildlife removal service “near me” to control your wild animal problems from your home.

    How we remove your wild animals

    Arete Wildlife Control has licensed and trained wildlife specialists to remove common wild animals.  What we do to capture your wild animals is to set up traps that lure the animal into our specialized cage traps. We place our baits in each trap around your property where there is heavy wild animal activity. After doing so the wild animals can get eventually trapped. We recommend not to provoke them. When such events happen please call us and we will send out our professional wildlife control experts to recover the traps and remove the wild animal from your property. We do our part to make sure that we can control your pest problems from your home as soon as possible.

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    Wildlife Removal List

    Raccoon Removal

    Raccoon Removal

    Here in Atlanta GA, Raccoons may have an innocent appearance but they are a pain to get rid of and eliminate from your home. You may have a raccoon problem if you find scat littering the foundation of your home. They can cause some structural damages to your home’s insulation and get into your attic for warmth. If you have seen any of these signs of raccoon activity in your home, contact us. Arete pest control is a wildlife removal company that provides wildlife services that can remove your raccoons safely, and humanly from your property.

    opossum removal

    Opossum Removal

    Down south In Atlanta, GA opossums are very common and could be hiding in your property such as in the attic and under the foundation without you noticing. They tend to sneak into garbage cans and eat your garbage leaving a mess, which can be very unpleasant. If you have noticed anything that points to opossums living in your home you should call Arete Pest Control. We are a trusted wildlife removal company that can take care of your opossum problem and remove your nuisance from your home.

    Squirrel Removal

    Squirrel Removal

    In Atlanta GA, we know that squirrels are a common wildlife nuisance that can infest your home causing costly damages. They can live within the attic or in your walls to keep warm from the cold weather. They can be a disturbance in your homemaking noises that would make living conditions uncomfortable. With Arete Pest Control Wildlife Removal Services we can set up our best traps to catch your squirrels, safely remove them from your property and provide our exclusion services to repair the holes that were caused by the squirrels.

    Voles removal

    Vole Removal

    If you have noticed your trees having bite marks on the tree base, roots or shrubs you may have a nuisance called Voles. These are not moles but they can cause worse vegetational damages across your lawn. Voles need to be taken care of as soon as possibles, if not then you will see them destroying your lawn over time and living underground until all resources have been consumed. With Arete Pest Control Wildlife removal services, we act as a wildlife removal company that can eliminate your vole problem and reclaim your lawn from future costly damages. Call us today to get a quote.

    skunk removal

    Skunk Removal

    Skunks are a common nuisance around Atlanta GA and can be found on your property. They usually burrow under your property and emit an unpleasant odor in your home or property. If you have noticed any of these types of behaviors in your home or property, call Arete Pest Control Wildlife removal services today. We are the wildlife removal company that can remove your skunk nuisance.

    bird removal

    Bird Removal

    Arete Pest Control Wildlife Removal Services can treat birds in Atlanta GA. Birds may be a nice animal to feed bread to but in the long run please don’t let them live in your home. Birds are very difficult to remove from your property and can be an annoying nuisance. Birds usually block vents and create nests in the eaves of your home. With Arete Pest Control Wildlife Removal Services we can add bird removal products to keep birds away from creating nests. If this is a current problem in your home or property please call Arete Pest Control Wildlife Services to remove your bird problem.

    bat removal

    Bat Removal

    Found in Atlanta, GA Bats is an infestation that is dangerous to handle. Bats can be difficult to capture on your own. We recommend that you don’t take care of your bats due to the lack of professional equipment. We don’t want you all to be at risk trying to remove your bat problems. Bats contain harmful diseases that are rabies vectors and should always be treated as if they are rabid wildlife animals. With the help of Arete Pest Control Wildlife Removal services, we can send our wildlife specialist technicians to do a full inspection of your property to locate any bat infestation in your home. Arete Pest Control is a Wildlife Removal company to take on your bat problems.

    Prevent Wildlife Problems

    To prevent wildlife infestation in your home or property you need to block their sources which are food, water, and shelter. Please take into consideration the following tips:

    • Secure your garbage in trash bins. If needed place a heavy object on top of the bin to prevent any wildlife from entering in.
    • If you have pets please take their food inside your home to avoid attracting more critters to your home. 
    • Look out for wildlife scat, tracks, or tunnels around your property
    • Spot any scratching, gnaw marks, and holes near the eves or entranceways of the home.
    • Prune any tree branches near your home to avoid roof access.
    • Clean the inside of your BBQ grill 
    • Surround your garden with a fence frame to keep any critters out.
    • If you have a bird feeder don’t let the seeds accumulate.
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    What to do if I encounter wildlife animals on my property? It is recommended to not interfere with the wildlife animals. We do not want you to be at risk if they were to bite you or harm you, Keep your distance from them. Close your doors and windows to prevent them from entering your home.

    Which season does Wildlife seem to be active in? All year round, Some wildlife may take the winter off for hibernation but others are still out in search of food.

    Where are the main areas of my house do wildlife animals tend to live in? Wildlife animals tend to hide in warm/ cool areas depending on the season. If it is in the winter there is a possibility that they may make themselves at home in your attic or within the walls of your home. If in the summer wildlife tends to hide in the cool areas below ground and close to the water source, such as water pipes.

    Are your wildlife specialists licensed? All of our techs are trained, licensed, and certified to get the job done safely and effectively. We train each of our techs to know how to do the job that they have signed up for.