Wildlife Removal in Georgia GEORGIA WILDLIFE REMOVAL

Georgia Wildlife Removal

Arete Pest Control offers wildlife removal services to many towns and several counties in Georgia. Our technicians are trained to locate, trap and remove wildlife. We also offer warranties and prompt service. If you have a wildlife removal question, call us today at Arete Pest Control.

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    We Remove the Following Animals from Your Property:

    We Remove the Following Animals from Your Property:

    Common Wildlife Problems in Georgia

    Georgia has many common wildlife pests, including rodents, raccoons, possums, skunks, squirrels, and birds. Wildlife tends to live in forested areas. However, they also live in suburban neighborhoods and will come to cities to forage for food. Our Georgia customers often call us to locate wildlife in their homes and businesses. Rodents are a major wildlife concern and are difficult to find and eliminate. Other animals, such as raccoons, skunks, possums, birds and squirrels, can be easy to locate but more difficult to remove. This is especially true if you’re unsure of how the wildlife entered your home.

    You can try to remove wildlife yourself by setting traps. However, some wildlife are clever and will take the bait without triggering traps. Setting baited traps is also a job that should be done by a wildlife removal professional. This is because traps can be dangerous to your family and pets. You must also be sure to only use humane traps that won’t injure or maim wildlife. Our wildlife removal experts are trained to use humane wildlife removal methods. We will not put your family or pets at risk of being harmed.

    Guaranteed Wildlife Removal in Georgia

    Guaranteed Wildlife Removal in Georgia

    We guarantee our wildlife services by offering a wildlife removal warranty. Wildlife removal is the process of locating wildlife, removing it from your property, and sealing off your property to prevent the wildlife from returning. If you purchase a plan from us and wildlife returns after we’ve already removed it, we will return to your home to re-trap the wildlife.

    Our wildlife removal customers can rest assured that we will return to your property annually to ensure the integrity of our work. During our annual visits, we will ensure that the work is long-lasting and that your property continues to be safeguarded against unwanted wildlife

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    Racoon Removal Georgia

    Racoon Removal Georgia

    Raccoons are a major wildlife problem for many of our Georgia customers. These animals most often enter a home through a chimney or a soft patch in a roof. They tend to nest in dark areas, such as an attic, ceiling or crawl space.

    Raccoons can do extensive damage to a home. They will tear insulation and scratch holes in walls and ceilings. They’ll also leave behind scat and urine, which can be a hassle to clean up. If you have a raccoon problem, contact us at Arete Pest Control for wildlife removal. We are well-trained to trap and remove pesky raccoons.

    We provide wildlife removal services for several counties and numerous cities in Georgia. We handle all of the following counties and cities: