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Wildlife Removal Dacula, GA

Arete Pest Control provides efficient and prompt wildlife removal services in Dacula, GA. Our extermintors are trained and certified to handle a variety of different wildlife. Call Arete Pest Control today if you need wildlife removal services in Dacula, GA. Arete Pest Control is the best wildlife removal company in Dacula, GA. Our Dacula customers trust and respect our company. We guarantee our work. If we remove wildlife from your property and the wildlife returns, we will return to your Dacula residence to trap the wildlife again.

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    Trusted Wildlife Exterminators in Dacula, GA

    Trusted Wildlife Exterminators in Dacula, GA

    Arete Pest Control is a trusted wildlife removal company with the necessary tools to trap and remove wildlife. We set baited traps for wildlife. These traps are humane and do not harm the wildlife we trap. They are also an effective way for us to capture unwanted wildlife in your Dacula home. Once we trap the wildlife, our technicians carry the wildlife off your property. We also help seal off areas where wildlife can enter your Dacula home. You can trust us to answer all your wildlife removal questions.

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    Racoon Removal Dacula, GA

    Trusted Raccoon Removal in Dacula, GA

    Racoon Removal Dacula, GA

    Raccoons are common wildlife pests in Dacula, GA. The woods around Dacula neighborhoods have scores of raccoons, and they like to forage for food at nighttime. They often overturn trash cans in their search for food. If you have a raccoon problem in Dacula, you will notice your trash bags ripped open with smelly trash in your yard. Raccoons will also leave dark-colored scat in your yard.

    If you notice the above signs of raccoons in your neighborhood, take caution. Tie your trash can lid down with a bungee cord to prevent wildlife from entering it. Don’t leave any food outdoors. Clean your outdoor grill. Take your pet food indoors. These precautionary steps discourage raccoons and other wildlife from targeting your Dacula yard.

    You should also make sure that the exterior of your home is secure. Patch any cracks or holes in your home's foundation to make it more difficult for wildlife to enter. Make sure your roof shingles are secure and you have no soft spots on your roof. Raccoons can climb, and they will scratch holes in a roof to gain access to your attic.

    If you have a raccoon inside your home, you’ll hear it scampering in your attic or moving around in your chimney or another dark space. Call Arete Pest Control. We have the proper traps for raccoons and other small wildlife. Our technicians are also trained to handle wildlife. We can promptly remove the wildlife and help you secure your home to keep raccoons out.

    Rat Removal Dacula, GA

    Rats are a common wildlife pest in Dacula, GA. They enter homes in search of food and warm shelter. Rats are bigger than mice and tend to destroy property. They can chew up your possessions. They will even chew and scratch holes in your walls so that they can move freely in and out of rooms in your home. Rats leave small droppings of feces around your home. They are filthy and carry germs and diseases that could harm your family.

    If you have a rat problem, don’t panic. Call Arete Pest Control. Our wildlife removal experts can find the places where rats and other small wildlife are hiding in your Dacula home. We will trap and remove the wildlife for you. Our technicians are also skilled at helping you patch holes where rats can enter your Dacula home.

    Rat Removal Dacula, GA

    Effective Rat Removal in Dacula, GA

    Squirrel Removal Dacula, GA

    Guaranteed Squirrel Removal in Dacula, GA

    Squirrel Removal Dacula, GA

    Squirrels are common wildlife pests that tend to live in the woods and suburbs of Dacula. They are fun to watch in the tree branches. However, you don’t want squirrels or other wildlife inside your Dacula home. Squirrels most often enter a home through the roof. They target soft patches of a roof where they can claw or gnaw holes large enough to squeeze through. Once inside, they tend to nest in attics and chimneys. They will chew holes in your home’s insulation and can claw and chew holes in interior walls.

    Squirrels are also fast and difficult to catch. However, if you have a squirrel
    problem, Arete Pest Control can help. Our expert technicians know how to bait and trap wildlife. We offer prompt wildlife removal services in Dacula, GA. We will even find and patch holes caused by squirrels.

    Mice Removal Dacula, GA

    Mice are among the most common wildlife pests found in Facula homes. These animals are small, which means they sometimes travel through a home undetected. While scurrying across floors, they make almost no sound. However, once inside a home’s walls or attics, they will often make scratching sounds as they create holes throughout your house.

    Mice tend to have short lifespans, but they reproduce quickly. Your Dacula home may have only a few mice at first, but those will multiply quickly throughout the year. The more mice you accumulate, the harder it is to exterminate them all. They can also hide in tiny spaces and remain undetected. If you have a mouse or other small wildlife problem in Dacula, you should call us at Arete Pest Control. We provide wildlife removal services for mice and other small wildlife in Dacula, GA. Our services are prompt, courteous, and effective.

    Some Dacula residents attempt to exterminate mice and other wildlife on their own. However, the job is difficult for someone who isn’t trained in wildlife removal. Removing 1-2 mice from a home is not enough to fix the problem. You must trap and remove all the mice and ensure they cannot return through any unsecured holes or cracks in your home. Our experts at Arete have years of experience in wildlife removal.

    Getting rid of mice will help protect your family from germs and diseases carried by mice. It will also help stop mice from gnawing electrical wires or other household items. Call Arete Pest Control for wildlife removal today.

    Mice Removal Dacula, GA

    Top Mice Removal in Dacula, GA

    If you’re living in the Dacula zip code of 30019, or any of the surrounding communities, then give Arete a call. Our extermination experts are ready to please you by providing our caring pest control services.