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Wildlife Removal Duluth, GA

Arete Pest Control provides quality wildlife removal in Duluth, GA. Our technicians are well-trained and staffed with the equipment necessary to effectively remove wildlife from your home. Call us today for a quote on wildlife removal in Duluth, GA.

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    Trusted Wildlife Control and Exterminators in Duluth, GA

    Trusted Wildlife Control and Exterminators in Duluth, GA

    Arete Pest Control is the most trusted and high-quality wildlife removal company in Duluth, GA. We use quality trapping methods to capture and remove wildlife from your property. Our traps are baited and safe. Our trapping methods will not harm wildlife. You can also rest assured that these traps aren’t harmful to your family or your pets.

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    Squirrel Removal Duluth, GA

    Best Squirrel Removal in Duluth, GA

    Squirrel Removal Duluth, GA

    Squirrels are a common wildlife nuisance for homeowners in Duluth, GA. Squirrels typically enter homes in the following ways:

    • Chewing through soft spots in a roof
    • Climbing inside the eaves of a home
    • Climbing through small holes or cracks in a home’s foundation
    • Climbing in through a chimney

    Squirrels don’t need a lot of space to get into your Duluth home. They can crawl through incredibly small spaces. If a space isn’t quite big enough to fit through, squirrels and other small wildlife can chew a larger hole. Like many small rodents and other wildlife, squirrels have sharp teeth. They can gnaw through wood and aluminum. If your chimney doesn’t have a cap, they can enter your Duluth home through the chimney, though they may get stuck once inside. Wildlife stuck inside a chimney or other small space is a common concern for our Duluth customers.

    Squirrels and other wildlife are big pests in Duluth, GA. Once they get inside your Duluth home, squirrels tend to hide and nest in attics. Some squirrels will also nest in the insulation of your home’s walls and ceiling. These areas help keep wildlife warm from the colder temperatures outside. If you have a squirrel problem in Duluth, GA, don’t hesitate to contact Arete Pest Control. We can remove squirrels and other small wildlife from your Duluth property.

    Rat Removal Duluth, GA

    Rats are among the most common wildlife nuisances in Duluth, GA homes. They are dirty animals that can infect your living spaces. Rats are also unsightly creatures associated with uncleanliness. They embarrass homeowners in the presence of houseguests. Rats are also hard to trap and control. They can squeeze out of tight spaces and easily return through small holes in your home.

    Arete Pest Control offers high quality wildlife removal services for rats. Our experts will visit your Duluth home and find the unwanted rats. We will then lay baited traps to capture the wildlife. Then, our expert technicians will search your Duluth property for small holes and crevices where rats can enter your home. We use quality materials to seal off the holes and prevent wildlife from returning. Our technicians are also friendly and courteous. They can answer all of your questions about wildlife removal in Duluth, GA.

    Rat Removal Duluth, GA

    Guaranteed Rat Removal in Duluth, GA

    Racoon Removal Duluth, GA

    Trusted Raccoon Removal in Duluth, GA

    Racoon Removal Duluth, GA

    Raccoons are a common type of wildlife seen in both the suburbs and the forests of Duluth, GA. While these animals are cute and furry, they’re also pesky. They will overturn trash cans and rip open your trash bags. Raccoons will clutter your Duluth property in search of food. Once inside a home, raccoons tend to scamper around attics or burrow inside your home’s insulation. They will leave feces inside your home and urinate there. This damages your property and can create a strong odor.

    Most raccoons aren’t violent or dangerous. However, some carry rabies, which is another reason to get a professional to your Duluth property to remove the raccoon. If you notice a raccoon problem in your Duluth home, call Arete Pest Control. We will lay baited traps in spaces where raccoons hide. These traps are humane and an effective wildlife removal tool.

    Mouse Removal Duluth, GA

    Mice are among the most worrisome and pesky wildlife infestation problems for Duluth, GA residents. These animals enter your home through tiny spaces. Once inside, they can damage your possessions by chewing on them. If your home is infested with mice, you may see them scurrying along the floors or hear them chewing within your home’s walls. Mice search for dropped crumbs in kitchens and even contaminate food found within their reach.

    If you have a mouse problem in Duluth, GA, don’t attempt to solve the problem yourself. Some Duluth homeowners trap their mice using traps that can harm their children or pets. It’s also a big mistake to use rat poisoning. Poisons and other toxins can harm your family and pets. If you have a mouse infestation or wildlife problem in Duluth, GA, call Arete Pest Control for our wildlife removal services. We provide affordable and high-quality wildlife removal work.

    Mouse Removal Duluth, GA

    #1 Effective Mouse Removal in Duluth, GA