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Wildlife Removal in Snellville GA

Arete Pest Control offers effective and convenient wildlife removal in Snellville, GA. We dispatch well-trained and licensed exterminators to eliminate wildlife.  Removing wildlife from your home is only one step in the process. Preventing wildlife from entering your property is just as important. There are several things you can do to discourage wildlife. Do not leave doors or windows open. If you notice small holes around the exterior of your home, patch them up. Keep your outdoor spaces neat. Trim the grass around your Snellville home and cut overgrown weeds and shrubs where wildlife could possibly hide. Do not store your food outdoors. If you have an outdoor barbeque pit or grill, clean it thoroughly. Bag all of your trash and place it in a large, heavy trash can. Heavier bins are more difficult for wildlife to overturn. Squirrels and small wildlife often gain access to your roof via trees. You should cut tree limbs so they don’t overhang your roof.

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    Guaranteed Wildlife Removal Snellville, GA

    Guaranteed Wildlife Removal Snellville, GA

    At Arete Pest Control, our Snellville customers are covered by our work guarantee. We will return to your Snellville home to redo our work under certain conditions. For instance, we offer wildlife exclusion work. This means that during our wildlife removal process we seal off any areas where wildlife could possibly enter the home. Exclusion work is protected under warranty. We will return to your home to trap the wildlife again if it returns after our exclusion process. Our warranties also renew each year. This means that we return yearly to inspect your Snellville home and ensure that our work is long-lasting.

    Wildlife Removal and Exterminator Service in Snellville, GA

    We provide several wildlife exclusion methods. The most common one is sealing off any holes or cracks in your home. This prevents wildlife from entering through small spaces. In some cases, sealing a hole with caulking may not work. Therefore, another key exclusion method is to repair or replace damaged structures instead of patching them.

    Our wildlife removal technicians check the most common places of entry for wildlife, including the following:

    • Roof returns
    • Soffits
    • Openings in vents
    • Rooflines
    • Pipe openings
    • Utility openings
    Wildlife Removal and Exterminator Service in Snellville, GA

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    Mouse Removal Snellville, GA
    Mouse Removal Snellville, GA

    Mice are a big household pest in Snellville, GA. They enter houses through small crevices or else they chew a small hole until it’s large enough for them to gain entry. Mice are difficult to exterminate. Some Snellville homeowners may think they have only 1-2 mice when really there are others darting around inside a home’s walls. Mice and other wildlife also tend to reproduce quickly. Mice can infect your Snellville home and spread germs and diseases.

    Some Snellville homeowners attempt to eliminate mice on their own with over-the-counter products like poison or traps. However, poison is a dangerous thing to bring into your home. Traps can also be dangerous to lay around home because children and pets can be harmed by them. However, our experts at Arete Pest Control lay baited traps for mice in a safe and effective way. Our wildlife removal traps aren’t harmful to your family, and they’re safe and painless for the wildlife we capture.

    Rat Removal Snellville, GA

    Our technicians are certified and trained to handle rat removal in Snellville, GA. We trap and remove rats and other small wildlife. In addition to removing wildlife in Snellville, we also seal off all possible crevices where wildlife could possibly enter. Removing rats from your Snellville home is especially important because of the health threats rats pose. They can leave droppings of feces around your Snellville home and infect your living space with germs. They will eat and contaminate any food stored within their reach. Rats will gnaw holes around the interior and exterior walls of your home, which causes costly damage.

    Rats scurrying around your home are the last things you want your houseguests to see. Guests will judge you and your Snellville home as dirty, and guests may even feel uncomfortable staying in your home. Arete Pest Control can help you resolve the rat problem in your Snellville home. We offer wildlife removal services for rats and other small wildlife. Arete has provided years of trusted service to residents of Snellville, and we can promptly solve your wildlife problem, too.

    Rat Removal Snellville, GA
    Racoon Removal Snellville, GA
    Racoon Removal Snellville, GA

    Raccoons are smart animals, which makes them a nuisance to many homeowners in Snellville. These animals enter homes by climbing onto a roof and climbing down inside a roof soffit. This gives them access to your attic. The edges of roofs are also vulnerable areas. Raccoons can scratch through soft spots on your roof’s edges. Raccoons can also enter your home directly through a pet door. To deter raccoons from your Snellville home, you should take the following precautions:

    • Check your roof for signs of deterioration or any soft, accessible spots.
    • Keep pet doors locked when your pet isn’t using them.
    • Buy an animal-proof covering for your chimney.

    If you have a raccoon inside your Snellville home, call Arete Pest Control. We offer wildlife removal services to residents of Snellville. Our technicians are trained and certified for wildlife removal. We will check the exterior of your Snellville home to find possible points of entry. We will humanely remove the wildlife from your Snellville property.

    Squirrel Removal Snellville, GA

    Squirrels and other rodent wildlife are pesky nuisances for our Snellville customers. Squirrels can easily gain access to your home by climbing trees that overhang your roof. If there are no trees around your home, squirrels can also climb downspouts and gain access to your roof’s eaves. You will know that squirrels or birds are nesting on your roof if you see little bundles of straw around your roof’s edges. From the roof, squirrels can get into your attic by scratching soft spots on the roof. They can also slide down your chimney flue.

    If you have squirrels in your Snellville home, call Arete Pest Control for our wildlife removal services. We will dispatch a certified worker to trap squirrels and other small wildlife.

    Squirrel Removal Snellville, GA
    Arete Pest Control provides wildlife removal services to Snellville, GA. We cover the following Snellville zip codes:30017, 30039, 30078