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Wildlife Removal Tucker, GA

Arete Pest Control is a trusted wildlife removal company serving Tucker, GA. Our expert technicians are trained to locate and remove pesky wildlife. If you have a wildlife problem in Tucker, GA, call us today. We will promptly respond to your call and answer any questions you have about wildlife removal. Arete Pest Control is the best wildlife removal company serving Tucker, GA. Our Tucker customers trust us to locate and remove wildlife pests promptly and efficiently. Customers value and appreciate our warranties. Our company has years of experience with handling wildlife and wildlife removal.

You can rest assured that our trapping procedures do not harm wildlife. We don’t use any poisons, so our wildlife removal procedures would not harm your family either.

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    Wildlife Control and Removal in Tucker, GA

    Wildlife Control and Removal in Tucker, GA

    Our exterminators trap wildlife using baited traps. Our traps come in different sizes to accommodate a variety of wildlife from animals as small as mice to those as large as raccoons. Our traps allow wildlife to fit comfortably into them. The wildlife isn’t harmed by our traps. They are simply contained in the traps until our technicians remove the trap. Our expert techs are also trained to trap voles outdoors. We lay our wildlife traps in specific outdoor locations where voles run. Then, we safely remove the animals from your Tucker property.

    Wildlife exclusion involves trapping wildlife and ensuring that wildlife doesn’t return by sealing off all openings to your home. Wildlife exclusion work includes the following:

    • Seal up any cracks or holes in your home’s foundation.
    • Check rooflines to ensure they are sealed tightly and undamaged.
    • Check vent openings for signs of damage.
    • Inspect pipe or utility openings.
    • Check for damaged soffits.
    Guaranteed Wildlife Removal Tucker, GA

    Guaranteed Wildlife Removal Tucker, GA

    At Arete Pest Control, we are confident in the wildlife removal work we do. We’re so confident that we offer warranties. We guarantee our wildlife exclusion work. This means that when we complete wildlife removal work, we check to ensure that all entry points are sealed. If an animal returns after we’ve completed our wildlife exclusion process, we will come back to your Tucker home and trap the wildlife again.

    To give you peace of mind, our warranties renew annually. This means we come to your Tucker residence each year to check the durability of our work. If we detect a problem during our annual inspection, we will address it with you.

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    Squirrel Removal Tucker, GA

    Guaranteed Squirrel Removal in Tucker, GA

    Squirrel Removal Tucker, GA

    Squirrels are among the most aggravating wildlife pests in Tucker, GA. These animals most often enter Tucker homes through the home’s roof. They can climb downspouts or other structures to gain access to the roof. Sometimes they climb trees to reach a home’s roof. From the rooftop, squirrels can scratch holes in a soft roof. They can gnaw or scratch their way through wood or damaged shingles.

    Once inside your home, squirrels are difficult to catch. They can slip in and out of small holes, and they’re fast movers and excellent climbers. Some Tucker homeowners attempt to catch squirrels using rat traps or other wildlife traps designed for rodents. This doesn’t always work. Squirrels are sometimes smart enough to take the bait while avoiding capture.

    If you have a squirrel problem, call Arete Pest Control for our wildlife removal services. Our expert professionals can find and trap your squirrels and safely remove them from your property in Tucker, GA.

    Racoon Removal Tucker, GA

    Raccoons are a big wildlife pest in Tucker, GA. Raccoons can damage both your yard and your home’s interior. These animals will overturn trash bins or even knock over barbecue grills in search of food. They will leave fecal matter on your lawn. Raccoons will also enter sheds by scratching their way in, which leaves your shed’s door or roof damaged.

    Once inside your home, raccoons will damage your home’s insulation. They often burrow in attics or ceilings in search of a warm and dark place to nest. If you have a raccoon in your Tucker home, call Arete Pest Control for our wildlife removal services. We can find and trap the animal and remove it from your Tucker home.

    Racoon Removal Tucker, GA

    #1 Raccoon Removal in Tucker, GA

    Rodent Removal Tucker, GA

    Trusted Rodent Removal in Tucker, GA

    Rodent Removal Tucker, GA

    Rodents are small wildlife that can cause a lot of damage to Tucker homes and yards. Voles are among the most common wildlife pests for our customers in Tucker, GA. Voles are small rodents that burrow underground. They eat and kill grass and other weeds. You will know you have a vole problem if you notice small holes in your yard. The holes are usually surrounded by patches of dead grass. Because they move underground so quickly, voles are difficult to catch. If you have a vole problem, call us at Arete Pest Control. Our expert technicians can lay outdoor traps to catch your voles and safely remove them from your Tucker property.

    Rat Removal Tucker, GA

    Rats are pesky animals, and they are a chief concern to our Tucker customers. These animals do considerable damage to Tucker homes. Rats leave fecal matter on floors and within walls and in attics. They contaminate food by invading pantries and any accessible food storage spaces. They can even start fires by gnawing electrical wires.

    If you need wildlife removal services for rats at your Tucker residence, call us today. We can find and remove rats and other small rodent wildlife from your home.

    Rat Removal Tucker, GA

    Guaranteed Rat Removal in Tucker, GA

    Mice Removal Tucker, GA

    Top Mice Removal in Tucker, GA

    Mice Removal Tucker, GA

    Mice are a major problem for our customers in Tucker, GA. These animals move quickly and quietly through homes. Some homeowners don’t realize they have mice until they notice chew marks on items in their homes or mouse droppings littering their floors. Mice reproduce quickly, which makes it difficult for homeowners to eliminate them all. If you have a mouse infestation, call Arete Pest Control today for wildlife removal. We will promptly dispatch an expert professional who can locate and remove mice from your Tucker home.