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 Raccoon Removal Lawrenceville, GA

Arete Pest Control is a team of experts specializing in pest control and raccoon removal. We utilize modern, proven raccoon removal methods to eliminate raccoons from your property quickly and safely.

Raccoons are found in various locations across Georgia. While they primarily reside in areas closer to the coast, they can wander off and enter people’s homes in suburban areas. In homes, they usually make their way into your yard, kitchen, or attic, where they can find food.

Removal of mother raccoons and their offspring can be challenging to pull off on your own. At Arete Pest Control, we conduct a thorough raccoon inspection on your property to determine the number of raccoons who have made their way into your home. If there are multiple raccoons, we will unite the mother raccoon with her offspring and use one-way doors to ensure they leave your property for good.

If you are searching for a trusted raccoon control and removal company, get in touch with our experienced specialists now! We will effectively remove raccoons from your property and recommend steps to prevent them from returning so your home stays raccoon-free.

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    Raccoon Infestation in Lawrenceville, GA

    Raccoon Infestation in Lawrenceville, GA

    There are different types of raccoons found in North America. Georgia is home to the Saint Simon Islands and Florida raccoons. The Florida raccoon is typically found in Southern Georgia, while the Saint Simons raccoon is located along the coasts of Georgia.

    If you have questions about raccoon entrance or what gave them access to your home, you need to understand the foods that raccoons are attracted to. Raccoons are attracted to sweet foods such as apples, peaches, and plums. They also feed on apricots, cherries, and mulberries. If you have these fruits in your yard or kitchen and notice signs of a raccoon, you likely have a raccoon infestation.

    If you see signs of a raccoon, you need to call our experts at Arete Pest Control. We will conduct a raccoon inspection to check how many raccoons are in your home and then efficiently carry out the raccoon removal process. We understand that raccoons can be a nuisance, so that we will remove them entirely within 2-3 days.

    Raccoon Elimination in Lawrenceville, GA

    Raccoon Elimination in Lawrenceville, GA

    At Arete Pest Control, we use scientifically backed methods for raccoon elimination. We use modern, effective non-repellents and raccoon deterrents to remove raccoons from your property for good. We also recommend our clients trim their trees, vines, and landscaping to decrease ‘bridges’ onto your roof, which make it easy for raccoons to enter homes.

    If you are searching for methods how to prevent raccoons from entering your house in the long term, get in touch with our experts now. We will conduct scheduled raccoon inspections and utilize methods to eliminate raccoons and prevent them from coming back. We use only the strategies we believe are guaranteed to remove raccoons from your property after years of field testing.

    Raccoons cause all kinds of damage to properties, from knocking over trash cans to digging in gardens, ultimately invading your living space and ruining your property. Furthermore, once they get settled into your attic, they can become a living space for these intelligent pests, spreading all types of bacteria and diseases in your home.

    One of the primary methods we use to eliminate raccoons from your home is electronic ultrasonic raccoon-repellent sounds that are out of range of human hearing but repel these pests off your property, forcing them to move to an untreated area. Get in touch with our experts now for effective raccoon elimination services!

    Types of Raccoons in Lawrenceville, GA

    Raccoons are dark, intelligent pests that can find their way to human settlements in search of food. There are different types of raccoons, which include:

    • The Hilton Head Island Raccoon
    • The Saint Simons Island Raccoon
    • The Matecumbe Bay Raccoon
    • The Alabama Raccoon

    No matter what type of raccoon has found its way to your home, Arete Pest Control has the resources and experience to remove them from your property completely. Raccoons can be dangerous to our health, as they can carry and spread rabies, salmonella, leptospirosis, and raccoon roundworm.

    Furthermore, raccoons can also bite or scratch in self-defence if they are spooked. This makes it necessary to contact professionals as soon as you notice signs of a raccoon around your home. They are wild animals who should be appropriately removed from your property, and that’s exactly what we will do!

    Types of Raccoons in Lawrenceville, GA

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