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Raccoons are found all across Georgia because of their warmer climate. While they are commonly found in areas closer to water bodies, such as lakes, they are also found in homes across Roswell, GA. They typically search for empty homes, barns, and attics. They can cause significant damage to areas they enter and cause a home’s residents to feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

At Arete Pest Control, we understand that raccoons can be hard to deal with. This is why we utilize tried and tested Raccoon removal methods in Roswell, GA. Our licensed experts are well-equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to safely remove a raccoon from your kitchen or any other part of your home. We understand how challenging this situation can be for you, which is why our raccoon exclusion team will work efficiently to remove raccoons from your home as soon as possible.

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    Problems Caused by a Raccoon Infestation in Roswell, GA

    Problems Caused by a Raccoon Infestation in Roswell, GA

    Different types of raccoons are found in various areas across the world. For instance, Southern raccoons tend to be more social, while Northern raccoons tend to be territorial. The Procyon lotor elucus, or the ‘Florida raccoon’ and the ‘Saint Simon Islands’ raccoon, are the two common types of raccoons found in Georgia. The Florida raccoon has a rusty patch on its neck, while the Saint Simons raccoon has darker hair.

    Regardless of their type, they can be a nuisance to have in your surroundings, and it is extremely important to take measures that prevent them from entering your homes. Like any other animal, a raccoon is attracted to your home because of the food it provides. Raccoons are attracted to sweet foods such as apples, peaches, and plums. They also feed on apricots, cherries, and mulberries. If these fruits are found in your yard or your kitchen, they will likely end up there.

    If you are wondering whether raccoons will leave on their own or not, you need to understand it is best that you call raccoon removal experts such as ours at Arete Pest Control to ensure the proper removal of raccoons from your home. Get in touch with our experts to ensure raccoons stay away from your home in the future!


    Reliable and Safe Raccoon Elimination in Roswell, GA

    Reliable and Safe Raccoon Elimination in Roswell, GA

    If you think your home is struggling from a case of a raccoon infestation, it is vital to keep an eye out for its signs. Some signs of a raccoon infestation can include the following:

    • Raccoons show signs of ravenous eating. If you see knocked over trash cans, If you see knocked-over trash cans, damage to your yard, and empty or spilt pet food bowls, there is a chance a raccoon has entered your house.
    • Another sign of raccoon infestation is a track of raccoon footprint.
    • If you hear strange sounds on your property at night, there is a chance you have a raccoon infestation.

    Working with a professional company such as Arete Pest Control is crucial to remove raccoons from your property. Utilizing DIY methods for raccoon exclusion could make the problem worse since there is a chance there might be more raccoons or raccoon babies in your attic or other places in your home.

    At Arete Pest Control, we use tried and tested raccoon removal methods. Our experts are equipped with modern tools that ensure the proper removal of raccoons from your home. Once we are done, we also recommend sealing possible entry and exit points for raccoons to prevent them from entering again. Get in touch with Arete Pest Control to eliminate raccoons in your home!

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    Signs of opossums include:

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